Round 3 Results

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Sorry for the delay, folks. No worries, though, we'll try to get everything up and running again in no time.

The votes are in and we have our winners. This round also marks the end of the first set of eliminations, and we're about to open up to the second, which should prove to be more exciting. Also, this last round was actually pretty interesting. There were characters that I thought would blow through the competition, but were outclassed. Guess they weren't that popular after all.

We got a total of 287 votes, which was pretty cool, but we can do better!

Round 9: Tyrion Lannister very narrowly defeats Squirrel Girl

The impossible has happened! Someone actually beat Squirrel Girl. Sure, it was by a very margin, but she lost all the same. Tyrion Lannister racked up 41 votes to Squirrel Girl's 33.

Round 10: The One Above All outgods Franklin Richards

Well, that was surprising. The literal god demolishes the pseudo-god. TOAA got a whopping 59 votes compared to Franklin's 42.

Round 11: Sterling Archer somehow defeated Gundam Wing

If it sounds ridiculous, it probably really is. But I guess a vote for animated tits can go a long way. If each vote for Archer is a vote for animated boobs, then animated boobs got 32, while Gundam Wing only acquired 25.

Round 12: Cyclops optic blasts his way past Mew and Motoko Kusanagi

With the most pathetic vote count of 4 and a puny 21 votes, Motoko Kusanagi and Mew weren't able to beat Cyke who got 30 votes.

The second set start in a couple days! Stay tuned, we've got interesting fights!


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