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Fallout Shelter is Tiny Tower 2.0

How many of you remember hearing about a great new mobile game and then giving it a try after a few months of hype only to find yourself neglecting the app after a few weeks of grinding? That was my experience with Tiny Tower, a business simulation game released by Zynga in 2011 that was more of an exercise in tedium and your ability to check your phone every 10 minutes rather than a game. Fallout Shelter is the newest game announced and simultaneously released by Bethesda in E3 2015 for iOS and while it looks like another Tiny Tower clone at a glance, it adds a few mechanics that make it a pretty decent game, even if you take off the Fallout skin.

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Book Review: Marvelous Mythology by Todd Frye

In Marvelous Mythology, Todd Frye attempts to take his readers down the 75-year history of Marvel. He starts by zooming in on arguably the most beloved era of comics, the “Marvel age of comics” beginning with the publication of Fantastic Four #1.

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Tabletop Review: Dead of Winter

Here we are again, the zombie apocalypse. At this point of the trend’s life cycle, a game has to have a gargantuan amount of innovation and entertainment to reel me in and keep me hooked. Dead of Winter does just that. It gets the zombie apocalypse theme and runs with it beyond the finish line and goes where no similarly-themed game, or any other game for that matter, has gone before. It is exploding with theme, and narrative. YES. NARRATIVE. Imagine that!

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Tabletop Review: Sentinels of the Multiverse

Who would’ve guessed that, arguably, the greatest superhero card game of all time would not be a DC or Marvel product? You read correctly, folks. Sentinels of the Multiverse, created by Greater than Games, is the definitive superhero tabletop gaming experience and will leave you wanting more after every game night.

This cooperative, fixed-deck card game is so simple that non-gamers and non-cape enthusiasts will find it very easy to pick up the game and get it right after one round. To understand how the game works, you need to know what’s in the box.

The base game contains:

8 hero character decks of 41 cards each

4 villain character decks of 27 cards each

4 environment decks of 15 cards each

1 crapload of tokens to keep track of game effects and damage dealt

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Tabletop Review: Incredibrawl or Incredibawl?

I got to play the crowdfunded tabletop game Incredibrawl several times over the past two weeks, in different-sized playgroups. Incredibrawl is a comical, fast-paced, card game from Vision 3 Games with 3 game modes (Casual, Family, and Gamer) depending on the kind of playgroup you’re entertaining.


In this game, each player is given an identical deck of cards composed of character cards and power-ups. Characters run the whole gamut from pirates, dragons, evil scientists, and the ever-so-diabolical… kitten! Players simultaneously play characters and “brawl” using a rock-paper-scissors mechanic. Physical character types beat natural types, natural types beat energy types, and energy types beat physical. The power level of each character comes into play whenever a tie happens. During these brawls, players can play power-ups to turn the tides of battle to your side, especially since lady luck is a feeble-minded skank ho.

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