Marvel Legends Infinite Wave Pre-Order!

Finally! Finally! I haven't been buying any new figures for the past month and I'm glad that these are now available for pre-order at BigBadToyStore. I do love the assortment and the characters they included in these two respective waves. Check out the video below to check what's included in the assortment.

(Oh, Hasbro -- where's the Jubilee wave?) 

You can pre-order it at BigBadToyStore

Unboxed: Marvel Heroclix Invincible Iron Man

At long last it’s finally here! The Invincible Iron Man Heroclix set! I’ve been counting the days of November until the November 20 release date and I have to say, Wizkids made up for the quality control issues so pervasive in their last Heroclix set, Wolverine and the X-Men. I got my hands on two bricks of boosters, excited by the online feedback from people in Heroclix forums as well as unboxing videos on Youtube.

The booster pack artwork is spiffy. I've always thought that Adi Granov is the definitive cover artist of the hero. The artwork on the back teases the upcoming Avengers Vs. Xmen Heroclix event months.

Here's a quick run through of the rarer figures I got in my case, just so you can gauge the collation of each brick.

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Marvel Legends Infinite Series?

When the rumors about the rebranding and revamping of the famous toy line, Marvel Legends, came up and spread like wildfire, a lot was skeptical about it and all. Among those who doubted the future of the line was me. I won't expound upon what may or will happen to the line but one thing's for sure, it will continue.

Just a few months after the announcement, Hasbro released a few more set of characters that is bound to be released next year. 

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Return of Marvel Legends Variant Deadpool Review

Finally! Finally! Finally! Got the variant Deadpool from Return of Marvel Legends Wave 3! Now that I have it, well, I have to say it's just the same as the old one from the Hasbro Marvel Legends 2-Pack. Oh, if you guys were there during the release of the Hasbro Marvel Legends 2-Pack and MU figs, ugh, that was a grueling but fun wait! Me and Bim were there! Anyway, I'd love to discuss who Deadpool is but pretty much everyone knows him now; he's almost everywhere in the comics lately.

A lot asked about how I was able to get it and a lot knows it all popped at UK gradually. Shout out to my friend, Raymond Zheng for assisting me on this one, I really appreciate it! He was able to snag one from UK.

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Moon Healing Escalation! New Sailor Moon Moon Stick Prop Replica Announced

Release your inner Senshi and get your Sailor Moon on with this new Sailor Moon Moon Stick! 

Tamashii Nations recently announced that Bandai is introducing a new line of prop replicas for the collector market. And the first to get this treatment will be Sailor Moon's magical Moon Stick. The 1:1 highly detailed wand will be part of their PROPLICA LINE and features LED lights, a sound recording and the Holy Silver Crystal. A previous Moon Stick release in the 90's didn't have the crystal.

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