Gamma Fist Hulk

I'd seen this figure on various online review sites, but when the Avengers Assemble toy lines hit local shelves, Gamma Fist Hulk was not among the toys. Though other figures in the line, like Black Widow, a few times, I never chanced upon Hulk, Hawkeye, or The Leader in the wild. I suppose that the figure was short packed (it is huge after all) and I have been missing the local distributions lately, so it likely sold out as soon as the boxes were unloaded.

But after Christmas, some of the toy stores must have gotten a few more boxes in. I found a single Hulk figure in Toys 'R' Us Galleria. After some flip-flopping over the new Marvel 4" figure price tag (p700), I picked it up.

The packaging touts S.H.I.E.L.D. Gear that comes with this series, but as mentioned, the amount of plastic in this figure meant that Hasbro must have decided against any accessories. The packaging isn't really a stand out next to other lines in the toy store, mostly sticking to the blues and silver that Hasbro's Marvel Universe line is known for. The back is dominated by his name in a huge font and one "action" shot of the figure. It feels rather lazy.

What makes it worse is that there are three (or more?) Hulk toys from the Avengers Assemble line: the 3.75"All-Star, the 6" Gamma Slam, and the 10" Gamma Smash. All of them, both packaging and figure, are rather lackluster.

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Marvel Universe Nova Toy Review

I've been keeping myself from buying new toys since my wallet's been bleeding for a while now. Decided to lay off toys for a while. When I saw MU Nova in the wild, though, I was all "aw, to hell with that noise." Nova was the one figure in his entire wave that I wanted to get, and distribution of new waves in the Philippines has been full set purchases, as per the usual trend. I wasn't about to pony up Php3,500 just to keep one figure, especially when I would have a hell of a time trying to sell off the rest. To see a single Nova hanging from the pegs was just too tempting to ignore. And I'm glad I bit the bullet. The Marvel Universe Nova action figure is one handsome toy.

Pretty much everything I want to say is in the video below but here a few key points in case you don't want to hear my phlegm-ridden voice, which was produced in a proximity to the microphone that can only be described as "too goddamn close."

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ThreeA Tomorrow King 1/12 Slicer Kyuuketsuki Review

Started the year with something different - here's a ThreeA Tomorrow Kings Kyuuketsuki Review! ThreeA is one amazing line and for sure, it's expensive. I know I sounded weird by saying "amazing" and "expensive" at the same time but it's like getting every cent's worth. Take note that what I got here is just the 6" scale (1/12) of ThreeA. Details are everywhere! The cloth, the straps, locks, paint, print and the like are amazing. It almost resembles how Ashley Wood illustrated the character.

Anyway, here's the review and stay tuned for more!

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S.H. Figuarts MK-VI & War Machine

S.H. Figuarts figures are a new thing for me. Japanese imports are toys that I've found I have to police myself away from. If I didn't, I'd be blowing every paycheck on this or that Revoltech, Figma, or Playarts toy that came out. They're generally more detailed, better built, and more nicely designed than their American counterparts, and aside from characters from Japanese characters, companies like Bandai, Max Factory, and Kaiyodo all take on the occasional American property.

Case in point: S.H. Figuarts' Iron Man 2 figures.

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Just a Quick Iron Man GIF

Been fooling around with some Iron Man mini-figs I found. Thought I'd share some of the fun I've been having:


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