Customized Action Figure Showcase: X-23 by Robin Villanueva

Some of you may have seen my recent posts on Facebook and Youtube and it's pretty obvious that I've been taking pictures of my X-Force Marvel Legends (Volume 3). Most of my figures for this line up are customized since Hasbro and/or ToyBiz haven't produced any character from this line up, sporting the colorway/uniform.

Anyway, the base for this figure's cheap since it's just the first Emma Frost by Hasbro and boots and head from the X-23 figure by ToyBiz.

I pretty much covered everything in this video so, check it out and if you want more, subscribe.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Spider-Man Legends

At last! I got the latest Marvel Legends wave from Hasbro and got everything including the variants. For now, I bring you 4 figures from the set since they're too many. I'll make sure to review the rest after!

I was able to review the Amazing Spider-Man (movie based), Superior Spider-Man (It's Peter Park-- Doc Ock!), Carnage and Black Cat for now. These are my favorites from the wave but don't get me wrong, the rest of the wave is sick too. Probably better than the Captain America wave which came before this.

Before checking out the video, I want to say thank you to Big Boys Toy Store for securing me a set. Thank you so much!

Now, here you go with the reviews. Enjoy!

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Marvel NOW! Captain America Review

Captain America's character design has stood the test of time. Cap Am was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, who first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 in 1941 as a propaganda tool, urging people to buy war bonds. Since then, the basic elements of his design have pretty much remained the same. Captain America's costume has gone through multiple variations over the years, but every single time it does, it always comes back to the classic red, white, and blue designed by Kirby seen in Avengers #04. It has been like that for 73 years.

All that brings us to this point - Marvel's soft reboot with Marvel NOW!. Captain America's classic costume was amazing, but it was due for an update. The cuffed boots and gloves just weren't cutting it anymore. Enter the Avengers movie/ Ultimate Universe/ WWII costume inspired Marvel NOW! Captain America.

And this particular version of Captain America has graced the Marvel Legends line. It is a fantastic figure, but it's not without its own set of issues - some more glaring than the others.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Series Toy Fair Preview

I have to be honest, the Legends line was a bit meh when they announced the "revamp" or "rebranding" and all but hey, it did work, in my opinion. I mean, it might be to early to tell since we only have the Captain America, Spider-Man legends line and the TRU Exclusive X-Men boxset featuring the original X-Men sporting some new molds/bucks. Anyway, just a few days ago, I saw some photos posted via Marvel Toylines' FB Page and Marvelousnews' site of the Guardians of the Galaxy's poster done with the actual figures -- and everyone went wild!

Alright, just today, the wave was previewed via Toy Fair 2014 and ToyArk posted some really neat and clear photos of the figures.

Here's a quick look at them and some points I noticed regarding this wave. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Teaser Photo's from

Rave and Rant Show's by Advocate Pinoy


Marvel NOW! Hawkeye Review

I'm pretty satisfied with my collection - I have my Avengers and my Marvel Knights, and my 3.75" collection has shaped up nicely. When the Marvel NOW! costumes were announced, and they gave Hawkeye a much needed update, I immediately knew I wanted that design in my main Avengers display. So, as the year ended, I felt like splurging and buying a couple toys as a little Christmas gift to myself. I went ahead and went online and bought myself a Hasbro Marvel Legends Marvel NOW! Hawkeye!

It's a gorgeous design, wouldn't you say so? Personally, if I were the one updating Hawkeye's design, I wouldn't deviate so far from his House of M costume - I'd ditch the skirt, and I'd make the suit a lot more "military spy." Kinda like this. (Click that link, trust me - it's a Hawkeye design by Deviantart user johnsonting, and it is brilliant.) But alas, this is the look that Marvel decided to go with, probably because of a lot its similarities with the Avengers movie Hawkeye.

A lot of wanted to say is in the video, so I'll be writing down the TL;DW (too long, didn't watch) version. The video shows me comparing the Hasbro version with the Toybiz one, and I say a lot of weird things.

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