Return of Marvel Legends SDCC Exclusive Heroic Age Thor

Yes, Yes, Yes -- Marvel Legends is on its way back and during the recently held SDCC 2011 (an annual event held at San Diego, California), a lot of guys like me who started out hitting pegs, waiting for new waves of Marvel Legends, got the chance to see the upcoming Marvel Legends

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that were said to be out next year! I know some weren't satisfied. Some thought it's too early to tell until it hits the pegs and they get to open and inspect the figure themselves-- and some just wanted to snag them ASAP.

To kick off the "return" (reboot or whatever, it's ML, guys!) of Marvel Legends, they started it out with a uniquely packed Heroic Age Thor! How do I find it? well ---

Yes, Hasbro did a good job and despite all the stuff some people (including me) said about them regarding how they handled Marvel Legends, I think they're back to make it up to us.

Before anything else -- I know what's on your mind, "BAH!, The price is tooooooo high." Okay, check your surroundings, sir/ma'am -- check how much are those things are right now :) If you want it, get the best deal out there (SRP or SALES).

Alright -- so, I posted some pictures here and will include the video review at the end of the article. The video review is posted at my Youtube Channel and includes some talk regarding the figure, a closer look at the figure and size comparisons too. I hope you guys, will like it and of help to you if you are still thinking about getting the figure.

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Marvel Select Variant Gambit Toy Review

What's up guys? advocate here.

Recently, Marvel Select released its latest piece, which is Gambit. I first bought the variant one because I think that modern look is the one that I'm really used to and I kind of think that the darker ambiance or feel of Gambit is cooler.

ToyBiz made a Gambit figure before and it has a cape made out of cloth and a really bendy cane. It also comes with a Sentinel Base which was a trending thing for X-Men figures that's released through the Marvel Legends line. The ToyBiz version is a bit slimmer than the other 6" X-Men figures and also shorter.

Anyway, going back to the Marvel Select Gambit.

Recently, Marvel Select has been releasing X-Men figures which is a bit of a trend already for the line. It started out with Cyclops, Deadpool, Magneto and Juggernaut. The line is starting to give collectors amazing figures and trying to go themed with every release given that they somehow go random at times.

The variant one sports the modern look which is the one with the longer hair that is dropped and not spiked, darker set of paint apps and a different look on the torso part.

The figure has 2 Extra set of hands.

  • A clutched hand for the cane.
  • Open palmed (This one can be attached to the 3-card accessory which sports an embossed portion for that hand)


Gambit won't be the same without his cane, eh?

  • The variant has the gold rendition of the cane but the same issue goes for the two. The canes are a bit short for action. I know that gambit can make it short and keep it in his coat -- but having this as the "extended one" -- well, It's a bit short, to be honest.


Gambit is pretty well known also for his cards.

2 sets of 3 charged cards thrown sidewards

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3.75" Dr. Strange Review

Dr. Strange has been a long-time favorite of mine. When I started collecting the 6" line, I really just wanted a few core figures - Iron Fist, Daredevil, Black Widow, Bullseye, Kingpin, Luke Cage (but the modern one never came out), and Dr. Strange. That's it. How my collection grew to its proportions today boggles my mind. Besides Strange being one of the most powerful beings in Marvel U, he's also one of the more interesting ones. Something about the character really got me hooked. I'm extremely glad that not only did he get the Marvel Universe treatment, he got it in style!


I find it amazing how detailed sculpt can be on figures this small. Some 6" figures from Hasbro don't even come close to the quality of the really good 3.75" ones. Ah, but then again, Hasbro's specialization really has been this scale even since G.I. Joe hit it big. Still, I appreciate how good the small figures have gotten despite the rocky start.

And by the Vishanti! Dr. Strange's sculpt is nothing short of amazing. The facial expression is full of all kinds of win, the detail on his cape is simply treat to behold. The sculpted hands may look like Spidey's, but they're still pretty nice; and, the creases on the clothes are very well made. All the tiny details you'd expect are there. I'm very happy with this figure's mold.

Check out his ear; even that's molded in nicely.

Maybe a few years ago, they would've drawn all the cape detail on instead of actually putting it in. That goes double for the Eye of Agamotto. Nice to see everything textured and in 3D!

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3.75" Dr. Doom Review

Welcome to the first ever toy review here at the Toy Rack! I actually spent a couple nights pondering which figure deserved the honor. It suddenly dawned on me that there is no one more deserving than DOOM!

Dr. Doom is probably one of the few characters who'd likely be present in anyone's collection, regardless of preference. This is likely due to fear of Doom's wrath for not picking up his merch. Doom's got rent to pay, man; needs them royalties.

Doom came in with wave 14. And after doing some research, yes, he is a repaint! He is 100% exactly like the two-pack Dr. Doom, except for the color of his clothes. He's got a darker shade of green, which I think just looks fantastic.

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