Funko Pop! Iron Man 3 Figure Set

This is really going to be a pretty quick review since there isn't really much to these figures other than THEY ARE CUTE!

If you've seen one Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead figure, then you have a pretty good idea of what they look like. They stand about 3" to 4" tall, have small bodies, and huge cube-shaped heads (something like the "super-deformed" toys that Japan loves to produce). The squarish, hollow heads are mounted on a post with a large spring attached, that in turn attaches to the roof of the head's interior.

You hit the head, it bobbles. Bobble. Head.

Pretty straightforward.

I bought these at the last 3-Day Sale at SM Megamall in Filbar's, in the basement floor, near the foodcourt. They were on sale at 50% off (Php 250). I'd been eyeing Pop! figures for a long time, but couldn't really get myself to pull the trigger at Php 500 until they came out with their Guardians of the Galaxy line. As soon as I saw those on Facebook, I caved and put in a pre-order.

I'm still waiting on those, so technically, these are my first Funko Pop! figures: #23 Iron Man, #24 War Machine, and #25 Iron Patriot, all from the Iron Man 3 sub-set. They were missing the Deep Space Suit, so I guess I've got to track that one down now.

Damn it.

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Figma Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)

I don't like many Japanese cartoons, also known to geekdom as anime, but I will occasionally find a series that floats my boat. Kill la Kill (or Kiru Ra Kiru on the Wikipedia page, which I'm pretty sure is just "kill la kill" with a racist accent) fits that bill.

Awesome fight scenes? check.

Big action set pieces? check.

School girl outfits with short skirts? check.

Huge scoops of fan service? check!

If you're not familiar with the series, it's another winner from the makers of Gurren Lagann, the anime that brought us Yoko Littner. Click the link. That should tell you pretty much what you're in for.

The show follows rambunctious school girl Ryuko Matoi, as she searches for the person who murdered her father. The path eventually leads to the student council president of Honnouji Academy, Satsuki Kiryuin.

She gets her butt kicked.

Afterwards, she finds a "sentient sailor uniform named Senketsu, a Kamui (神衣, lit. "Godrobe") which is completely made of Life Fibers, which transforms her" (again, Wikipedia). And that it does. Her already revealing uniform gets transformed into something a half-step up from a T-back and pasties.

Basically, this show is fight scenes, upskirts, and underboob.

You can see why it's popular?

I've yet to watch it past the first episode (Hey, I'm busy, okay?) but when I heard Figma was making a Ryuko Matoi figure, I just had to have it.

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TFC Toys Star Cats Dinosaur Combiners Age of Extinction Edition

I honestly am not sure if these are knock off toys.

If they are, they're definitely "Class A" knock offs, because they are absolutely amazing considering I only paid about Php 2,000 (roughly $45) for them. But from what I see online, the "original" toys from the Unknown Chinese Toy Manufacturer cost about the same, so they could be original for all I know.

Either way, they are amazing.

These are the TFC Toys Star Rescue Team of dinosaur combiners from the Star Cats cartoon in China. TFC is, according to the TFC facebook page, "China biggest Transformers fans club site and forum,since 2002 (sic)." TFC Toys is their toy development group and they make what has come to be known as "3rd Party" transformers. That is transforming robot toys (and/or accessories) that are quite obviously based on (or meant for), but NOT identical to, the original Hasbro toys.

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Customized Action Figure Showcase: Valkyrie by Mikoswabe Customs

Gaaah! I miss posting here at GeekOut! Just got busy and all but hey, I'm back with another Customized Action Figure Showcase. Today, I'll be featuring another piece I got lately -- Valkyrie by Mikoswabe Customs.

I know some of you will be asking: Why bother get one if we already have one from the Marvel Legends 2 pack?

Well, it doesn't resemble the Secret Avenger one -- therefore, I got this from Miko. Another thing that made me prefer this over the official piece is that this one's poseable, bulkier and a bit more detailed. Anyway, Valkyrie was part of the Secret Avengers line up when the title started and his likeness there was depicted in a bigger way. Taller than most of the team and fiercer.


Robot Spirits Gundam Age-1 Titus

The Robot Spirits is a toy line from Bandai that includes 12cm (about 6") mostly robots from various anime shows, those most of the figures are of Gundam robots. The articulation and level of detail in the series is unprecedented and most usually include a good assortment of accessories. If you're not a Gunpla geek who wants to build toys from scratch, then these present a really great option.

I would have been really into these toys if not for one thing: they're really pricey. Even the ones that don't include a lot of accessories run about Php 3,000. If you're looking at something with tons of armor and weapons (like the the Altron), then you're looking at something closer to Php 4,000.

But recently, I found out that the few figures that local stores have in stock are all on sale for something like 65% off! So this Gundam Age-1 Titus, which was Php 3,500 was bought at Php 1,200 ($30 US) at Glorietta Toy Town!

That's awesome!

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