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What's up guys? advocate here.

Recently, Marvel Select released its latest piece, which is Gambit. I first bought the variant one because I think that modern look is the one that I'm really used to and I kind of think that the darker ambiance or feel of Gambit is cooler.

ToyBiz made a Gambit figure before and it has a cape made out of cloth and a really bendy cane. It also comes with a Sentinel Base which was a trending thing for X-Men figures that's released through the Marvel Legends line. The ToyBiz version is a bit slimmer than the other 6" X-Men figures and also shorter.

Anyway, going back to the Marvel Select Gambit.

Recently, Marvel Select has been releasing X-Men figures which is a bit of a trend already for the line. It started out with Cyclops, Deadpool, Magneto and Juggernaut. The line is starting to give collectors amazing figures and trying to go themed with every release given that they somehow go random at times.

The variant one sports the modern look which is the one with the longer hair that is dropped and not spiked, darker set of paint apps and a different look on the torso part.

The figure has 2 Extra set of hands.

  • A clutched hand for the cane.
  • Open palmed (This one can be attached to the 3-card accessory which sports an embossed portion for that hand)


Gambit won't be the same without his cane, eh?

  • The variant has the gold rendition of the cane but the same issue goes for the two. The canes are a bit short for action. I know that gambit can make it short and keep it in his coat -- but having this as the "extended one" -- well, It's a bit short, to be honest.


Gambit is pretty well known also for his cards.

2 sets of 3 charged cards thrown sidewards

  • one for the clutched hand
  • and the other one that has an embossed part is for the hand that has a W gesture.

and now, for the figure--


  • The head can be moved sidewards and vertically. Though when it comes to the variant, the hair is one obstruction that dearly blocks the way for the head to be pushed backwards.
  • The head can be pushed up but only a bit since the hair is thicker for the variant one but can be pushed down properly.
  • The details of the face is superb. The goatee part has these little chips to make it look rough on some angle and it is placed along the painted areas to replicate the goatee.
  • Gambit often has the 5 pm beard, therefore, it's just right to have gambit like this.


  • Shoulders are separated from the bicep/tricep part
  • Elbows have 2 joints, therefore, more articulation and more points for posing.
  • The straps are pretty neat, to be honest. The straps at the wrist is placed perfectly to make the trenchcoat look better.
  • There's also a pair of straps for Gambit's shoulders.
  • Hands can be rotated but cannot be flexed nor pointed.


The torso has 2 separated parts which gives way to more dynamic and cooler poses (thank you DST!).

  • The rib part is the first one, TOP
  • and the abs part is the second one, together with the crotch area.
  • Trenchcoat looks odd, I know but the paint app, the details and how it is designed is superb.


From the hips, there are ball joints that can be extended to point straight.

  • Ball jointed, separated from the leg portion.
  • There's just a single joint for the knees.
  • Feet can be either flexed or pointed.
  • The legs for the variant one has no pink linings at the side.

My only rant about the figure:
The leg portion looks so thin for the upper body portion and it kinda makes the figure look odd at some point.

Posing it is not a problem but making it stand straight is kinda hard at times, just use some old stands with pegs for it to stand still.

anyway, you can check the Video Review:


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