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Dr. Strange has been a long-time favorite of mine. When I started collecting the 6" line, I really just wanted a few core figures - Iron Fist, Daredevil, Black Widow, Bullseye, Kingpin, Luke Cage (but the modern one never came out), and Dr. Strange. That's it. How my collection grew to its proportions today boggles my mind. Besides Strange being one of the most powerful beings in Marvel U, he's also one of the more interesting ones. Something about the character really got me hooked. I'm extremely glad that not only did he get the Marvel Universe treatment, he got it in style!


I find it amazing how detailed sculpt can be on figures this small. Some 6" figures from Hasbro don't even come close to the quality of the really good 3.75" ones. Ah, but then again, Hasbro's specialization really has been this scale even since G.I. Joe hit it big. Still, I appreciate how good the small figures have gotten despite the rocky start.

And by the Vishanti! Dr. Strange's sculpt is nothing short of amazing. The facial expression is full of all kinds of win, the detail on his cape is simply treat to behold. The sculpted hands may look like Spidey's, but they're still pretty nice; and, the creases on the clothes are very well made. All the tiny details you'd expect are there. I'm very happy with this figure's mold.

Check out his ear; even that's molded in nicely.

Maybe a few years ago, they would've drawn all the cape detail on instead of actually putting it in. That goes double for the Eye of Agamotto. Nice to see everything textured and in 3D!


Color is comic book-accurate, which is always a huge plus for these figures.

The paint on Dr. Strange could not be any cleaner. It's like each one was hand crafted by master painters instead of being mass produced in some factory in China (which, they actually are).

The only drawback to this figure would be the hinge joint at the wrist. Once you move it in any direction, the plastic around the joint scrape off the gold/yellow glove paint, revealing the blue underneath. It looks horrible, especially since the contrast between the shiny gold and the slightly dull blue is remarkably stark.


In all my years of collecting action figures, never have I seen a Marvel figure as well articulated as Dr. Strange. Let's go down the list - ball joint neck, ab crunch, waist, ball shoulder, hinge elbow, swivel wrist, hinge wrist, peg joints, cut thighs, double jointed knees, boot cut, ankle hinge and ankle rocker. That's a hell of a lot already but I'm pretty sure I missed out on a couple.

Fun Factor

Even though Strange's articulation is insanely good, the cape restricts some of his movement. If you plan to make him kung fu pose, just like Wong taught him, it would be best to remove the cape. You can just slip it through over his head. With cape removed, Dr. Strange is just a barrel of fun. Some of his joints are quite thin, though, to accommodate the size restrictions, so you just have to be careful.

Final Veridct

Dr. Strange is one of the best Marvel Universe figures ever created, to date. He is certainly the best in the wave, so if you find yourself with the opportunity to grab a Dr. Strange, go for it!


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