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Welcome to the first ever toy review here at the Toy Rack! I actually spent a couple nights pondering which figure deserved the honor. It suddenly dawned on me that there is no one more deserving than DOOM!

Dr. Doom is probably one of the few characters who'd likely be present in anyone's collection, regardless of preference. This is likely due to fear of Doom's wrath for not picking up his merch. Doom's got rent to pay, man; needs them royalties.

Doom came in with wave 14. And after doing some research, yes, he is a repaint! He is 100% exactly like the two-pack Dr. Doom, except for the color of his clothes. He's got a darker shade of green, which I think just looks fantastic.


The best thing about Doom would be the texture of the torso and cape. When you run your fingers against those pieces of plastic, you can feel those little cracks to emulate rough fit-for-a-ruler cloth. The figure has some exceptional detail, especially the rivets on his mask and the grooves of his armor. Another bonus to this majestic looking figure would be the height. I don't mention it in the video, but he's actually pretty tall. I'd say he's a little shorter than Luke Cage, but a half a head taller than Iron Man and Captain America. I'd say that's fairly in scale, wouldn't you?

My only real complaint in the sculpt department would be that the cape kinda limits his movement a bit. Plastic's a bit too hard. Oh, and also the gold chain that holds his cape in place looks shoddy. For all the miniscule detail they've been able to add, they couldn't make a decent chain? Bah.


Even though Dr. Doom's color scheme doesn't really require a lot of intricate paint applications, I'd say Hasbro was able to make the most of it - well, except for that golden dog bone he's got around his neck. The grooves in his armor have some black paint (or it could be dirt, actually) to make them more prominent. The belt buckle is painted remarkably cleanly. Inside Doom's mask are yellow highlights, which I'm not a big fan of, but I appreciate the effort.

I guess the bonus on this figure would be the shade of green its painted with. I looked up pics of the old Dr. Doom and that one had a bright green shirt, which made the figure look campy.


Any fan would be happy with the number of joints on Doom, but the most discerning ones would likely hate their quality. He has some neck movement, hindered by the cape and the hood. There are also ball joint shoulders, bicep swivels, elbow hinge, wrist swivel, ab crunch, waist twist (full 360), peg hips, double jointed knees, swivel and hinge ankles. That's a decent amount of movement for Doom. Unfortunately, his cape prevents him from getting into dynamic poses, but then again, Doom needs no such thing.

The shoulders, in particular, feel a bit flimsy and loose. I'm not sure if my figure is just a lemon, though. Others might not be the same.

This is the extent of his combat posing


The two-pack Dr. Doom came with a gun; the wave 14 singles Doom did not. I feel ripped off. :(

Fun Factor

Thing is, this figure is Dr. freaking Doom. Who wouldn't have hours of fun playing as a ruthless dictator with a keen scientific mind. Hell, that's what I aspire to be on a daily basis. I fail, though... but it's nice to dream.



The Thing, after refusing to buy the Doom figure


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