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I have been a Mega Man (Rockman) fan for as long as I've been a gamer. One of the very first games I ever played was the original Rockman in 1989 (it launched in 1987 in Japan). And weirdly enough, I've never owned a Mega Man action figure, though there are plenty to choose from. But collecting Marvel Legends got in the way of getting Mega Man or gaming figures in general. I mean, I ain't made of monies.

But now, thanks to a friend of mine, Oskie, (who, bt-dubs, also did the music in the intro of the video below), I now have my very first Mega Man figure, and a Good Smile Nendoroid one to boot!

Check out the review below, which I hurriedly shot with my Samsung A5 - not the highest end phone ever but it did a serviceable job.

Sculpt - Mega Man is chibified, which kinda fits the proportions of the character. He isn't usually this super deformed but the style works for him. Although the sculpting of these figures are super simple, it works for a design as classic as Mega Man's.

The helmet is my favorite part, it's very nicely modeled. It's iconic, man. And like I've always said, I am a huge fans of non-articulated hands so that works in favor of this figure. Amazingly, the buster cannon, this tiny little thing, had more detail than what was immediately apparent. The blockiness and angular form of the boots are cool, too.

Paint - Japanese toys have one thing in common (the good brands, at least), their paint apps are excellent. Mega Man's faces are wonderfully expressive. Yes, even the stoic one. The shades of blue are accurate to the 8-bit original. All in all, very clean, though simple.

Articulation - Very limited, but this isn't a toy that's supposed to be super poseable. It's meant to be a display piece, and not something you're meant to play with like a Transformer or a G.I. Joe. It isn't totally devoid of articulation, though - the neck and hip joints are on what feel like ball joints. The arms, elbows, waist, and wrists all twist. 

Posing is largely thanks to part swapping.

Accessories - Nendoroids are all about accessories, if you can consider figure part swaps as accessories. The package comes with three faces, six hands (open palm, four fists, and one holding an E-tank), two legs with bent knees, four differently angled arms, the buster cannon, a charged buster shot, and the three string regular buster shot, a stand, a riser for Mega Man, and a riser for his shots. That's a lot of stuff!

Fun Factor - Even though Mega Man can stand up on his own despite the heavy head, the articulated stands that he comes with give you a bunch of posing options. And that's really what this guy offers - it's just so fun putting him in different poses.

Final Thoughts - All in all, this Good Smile Company Nendoroid Mega Man is a really fun figure and I'm super happy with it. If you find one, and you're a Mega Man fan, go pick it up! You won't regret it.


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