Harry Potter Funko Pop! Wave 2 Is Out

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to show you guys the new Harry Potter Funko Pop!s which were released recently. Pre-ordered mine from Big Boys Toy Store (Why can't it just be a Big Kids Toy Store?) and had no problems claiming them. 

The Harry Potter Wave 2 Funko Pop!s set includes the following figures-

  • 10 Harry Potter in his Triwizard uniform
  • 11 Hermione Granger in Yuleball outfit
  • 12 Ron Weasley in Yuleball outfit
  • 13 Draco Malfoy in Hogwarts uniform
  • 14 Luna Lovegood in Hogwarts uniform
  • 15 Albus Dumbledore in Yuleball outfit
  • 16 Sirius Black
  • 17 Dobby <3<3<3
  • 18 Dementor


  • 19 Draco Malfoy in Quidditch robes
  • 20 Cedric Diggory
  • 21 Harry Potter and the Sorting Hat
  • 22 Neville Longbottom <3

This time, I didn't get the entire set because 1) I live in a small apartment, 2) My budget is finite, and 3) I want to maintain my sanity. It's almost a given that there will be several waves more to come and that I will continue to burn money on them so I've set some ground rules for myself- I promised myself that I would only get one of each unique character and just collect all the Harrys that they come up with until I reach seven (I'm already on my fifth Harry, so I'm not sure how strong my willpower will be).

Because of said ground rules, I've opted out of the Yule Ball figures. Giving up the Dumbledore one was particularly difficult. His lilac dress robe is quite lovely. In contrast, the Triwizard outfit Harry is pretty plain and uninteresting. They also got Sirius' hair color wrong, it should have been black instead of dark brown but I guess they copied Gary Oldman's hair color in the movie. I love that they included Luna's dirigible plum earrings which really help capture her character. The Draco Pop! is kind of boring too, but then again it's not easy to capture a snarl in a figure not known to have mouths (the variant is way better).

Dobby <3<3<3 is pretty perfect, it's just funny that he's about 1.5x as wide as all the other Pop!s. The Dementor is also one of the better figures in this series. The robes (+ paint) in particular are nice, the boxed figure is tilted to one side because of the long flowy robe. I'm still missing Neville Longbottom <3, Cedric Diggory, and Draco Malfoy in Quidditch robes which are exclusives and are unfortunately not easy to find in these parts. But even if I did have them, I think the winner for the best figure in this set would still be exclusive Harry Potter and the Sorting Hat. 

Harry Potter and the Sorting Hat takes the cake for best figure of this wave.

The Pop! has Harry sitting on a stool with the Sorting Hat atop his head mulling whether to put him in Gryffindor or Slytherin. Just looking at the figure makes you relive the scene- eleven-year-old Harry begging the Sorting Hat to put him anywhere but Slytherin, and then eventually the Sorting Hat thunderously shouts GRYFFINDORRR! Incidentally, my main display now features this scene, with Dumbledore, Hagrid, and Snape flanking Harry and the Sorting Hat while fellow first-year students Luna, Ron, Hermione, and Draco hover close by.

"Not Slytherin, not Slytherin."

*If anyone can point me to where I can get the exclusive figures around here, I'll be one very happy big kid.


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