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Hey there, guys! Here we go with another Marvel action figure review but today, it's not a Marvel Legends or Select figure -- today, I'll share to you the big three of the Avengers: Iron Man, Thor and Captain America by Figma. Basically, what Figma made were inspired by the characters' appearance during the Avengers movie.

Now, the never-ending argument and comparison to Marvel Legends is back and yes, I made a quick size chart for you guys!

Sadly, I wasn't that much of a fan of the Thor figure. That one has its own good stuff going on for it but there are just some things that kinda throws it off the plane.

Anyway, the Iron Man Mark 7 figure is just amazing and what I have is just the regular version. If you're able to get a good price for the Full-Spec version, get it! For the 6" line, there are only 2 notable Iron Man Mark 7 figures -- Revoltech's and Figma's. So far, Figma wins this one, without a doubt.

Lastly, the Captain America figure is also a good catch. It has its own flaws but still a keeper -- though if you're not a fan of the Anime-ish feel of your favorite Marvel characters, it's not.

For more details regarding these Figma Avengers action figure, peep out the reviews below! 



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