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Rave and Rant: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Odin/King Thor Wave

Article written by:
Dominic Dimagmaliw
Author: Dominic DimagmaliwWebsite: http://www.youtube.com/user/advocate928
He's commonly known as "Advocate Pinoy" around the boards or on Youtube - a Marvel toy collector, YouTube toy reviewer and Vlogger. He often post reviews, displays (A. C. B. A.) and some updates regarding the upcoming toy events and releases.


Remember when I first reviewed the whole Return of Marvel Legends Series 1? That feeling where everyone's a good catch (well, sort of)? This wave delivers the same feeling -- oh, wait, BETTER than that.

We'll be getting:

Maidens of Might

  • Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel
  • Scarlet Witch (Oh, yes -- FINALLY!)

Avenging Allies

  • Sentry
  • Machine Man


  • Marvel's Hawkeye
  • Marvel's Iron Fist
  • Marvel NOW Thor

Alright, if Hasbro can just stick to this kind of wave every time with every theme that they'll come up with, that would be great because I'm pretty sure they can deliver more if done right. Not being an all-knowing guy here but from the looks of the past few waves, I can tell that they've been grinding and really trying to bounce back. 

Anyway, here's the Rave and Rant Episode for this wave announcement:

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