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I'm pretty satisfied with my collection - I have my Avengers and my Marvel Knights, and my 3.75" collection has shaped up nicely. When the Marvel NOW! costumes were announced, and they gave Hawkeye a much needed update, I immediately knew I wanted that design in my main Avengers display. So, as the year ended, I felt like splurging and buying a couple toys as a little Christmas gift to myself. I went ahead and went online and bought myself a Hasbro Marvel Legends Marvel NOW! Hawkeye!

It's a gorgeous design, wouldn't you say so? Personally, if I were the one updating Hawkeye's design, I wouldn't deviate so far from his House of M costume - I'd ditch the skirt, and I'd make the suit a lot more "military spy." Kinda like this. (Click that link, trust me - it's a Hawkeye design by Deviantart user johnsonting, and it is brilliant.) But alas, this is the look that Marvel decided to go with, probably because of a lot its similarities with the Avengers movie Hawkeye.

A lot of wanted to say is in the video, so I'll be writing down the TL;DW (too long, didn't watch) version. The video shows me comparing the Hasbro version with the Toybiz one, and I say a lot of weird things.

- The sculpt is Bucky!Cap body, and it's pretty good. 

- Hawkeye's harness and belt are nicely sculpted, but his arm guards are painted on.

- The arm guards are worn the wrong way around.

- I like the paint scheme, but the shiny chest throws me off. 

- Paint is not 100% clean, but not bad. There is some flesh tone bleeding into the shades, and some black paint spots near the joints. There is also some bleeding of black paint into the flesh tone near the gloves.

- Where two bits of plastic meet at the neck is a weird black line that isn't covered up at all. It's ugly as sin.

- Hawkeye has sculpted hands, which are awesome, but only enables him to hold his bow a certain way, which limits his poseablility.

- The toy comes only with two accessories - the bow and the quiver. No arrow.

- The bow is exactly the same one that came with the Avengers movie Hawkeye.

- String on bow is rigid and cannot move. It, therefore, can't be used the way as Toybiz Hawkeye's bow.

- Articulation is fine - ball joint neck, neck hinge, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivels, double jointed elbows, wrist swivel, wrist hinge (in and out), ab crunch, waist swivel, T-joint hips, thigh cut, double jointed knees that go way back, calf/boot cut, ankle hinge, ankle pivot.

- Joints are very solid. They're easy to use, but they don't feel loose at all. They're typical for Hasbro, they click and lock into place.

- Got it for about P1,400 over, which is a fairly sweet deal as it included shipping.

- Toybiz Hawkeye has a more detailed sculpt, more sophisticated and cleaner paint apps, and more points of articulation, but the Hasbro Hawkeye has solid articulation and looks better. It's easier to get Hasbro Hawkeye to stand, which I think earns him major points.

- Overall a solid figure. Definitely not Hasbro's best, but if you're looking to update your Avengers with the new costumes, Marvel NOW! Hawkeye is definitely worth buying.

- 3.5 out of 5


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