Return of Marvel Legends Variant Deadpool Review

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Dominic Dimagmaliw
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Finally! Finally! Finally! Got the variant Deadpool from Return of Marvel Legends Wave 3! Now that I have it, well, I have to say it's just the same as the old one from the Hasbro Marvel Legends 2-Pack. Oh, if you guys were there during the release of the Hasbro Marvel Legends 2-Pack and MU figs, ugh, that was a grueling but fun wait! Me and Bim were there! Anyway, I'd love to discuss who Deadpool is but pretty much everyone knows him now; he's almost everywhere in the comics lately.

A lot asked about how I was able to get it and a lot knows it all popped at UK gradually. Shout out to my friend, Raymond Zheng for assisting me on this one, I really appreciate it! He was able to snag one from UK.

Along with this apparent appearance was the White Doom -- It's the Future Foundation Doom! Sadly, there's still no Blade or Moonstar. I know a lot are thinking, "What's the difference between the two Hasbro Deadpools?" Actually, I only noticed one tiny thing. Remember when I reviewed the Uncanny X-Force Deadpool? I pointed out that the accessory on his neck was somehow made out of a different or weaker material and it easily fell off -- tore off rather. The first Hasbro Deadpool has this rubbery and firmer one. So, this variant Deadpool has the same one with the Uncanny X-Force Deadpool but fortunately, this one wasn't torn. I remember a good number of fellow collectors pointed that out and theirs was torn too.


I hope the review helps and make sure to get one soon!


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