Marvel Select Venom Sightings?

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Again, another surprising (Really? Still surprised?) Marvel Select figure popped up at 168 Mall. Since I'm just a few blocks away from the mall, I dropped by and checked it out. Being curious, I bought one for myself a Mint on Card Marvel Select Venom. A few months ago, I posted a video about bootleg figures of popular action figures. I believe, my first Bootleg/Overrun video was about the pricey BAF Red Hulk. The figure has obvious  flaws and some problems all over but there are some that are tolerable and go for a discounted price! Then a few months later, the BAF Iron Monger appeared and the Bootleg Marvel Select Iron Man (overkilled with different designs) followed.

Just a few days ago, Marvel Select Venom and Rhino popped up. I didn't get Rhino since I don't see a point in having 2 Rhinos. Venom is a good addition, though, since I want one for my "Venom Overload" display. Each was sold at Php1000.00 but I'm not sure if they already jacked it up.

A few notable defects  I noticed were the wrong forearm, the blotted Venom logo, the darker shade of red for the tongue, pale and messy flesh tone, and weird eyes. For the parts, I got 2 right Venom hands (largest). The thing that impresses me is that it's still complete, articulated and still pose-able. I mean, if you're not that iffy about getting a messy Venom, then why not get one? Up to now, I haven't received any confirmation from Diamond Select Toys regarding this figure's quality or origin. They have responded kindly to my recent bootleg sightings and I, as a collector, respect that.

I recently had a quick conversation with Diamond Select Toys via Facebook regarding this and was told that this is still a production piece. No one can just easily go down and say it's an Overrun and so far, the only bootlegs that they declared are the repainted Mark VI or IM3 figures that you've been seeing locally.

So, the Rhino and Venom that was recently spotted at 168 Mall ARE production pieces -- legit. Also, the paint problems are usual and some wrong parts. Well, THAT really happens anyway. 

Check out my review of this figure:


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