Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon Series Review

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Hey, how's it going, guys? Finally, I was able to finish all the reviews of this wave's first assortment. The figures were released last week at SM Megamall's Toy Kingdom and Robinson's Galleria's Toys R' Us. The series was sold as a set except for Punisher (Thunderbolts Variant). The sets were said to be limited and surprisingly, the sets allocated for the release at Toy Kingdom were almost out within an hour. We saw a few sets below the table but not sure if those are Legends. Again, thanks to Playkit and Mr. Eric John Cruz for informing the community about the said release.

The assortment includes the following characters:

Build-A-Figure Rocket Raccoon

Jim Lee style Jean Grey

Wrecker of the Wrecking Crew

Kaine Parker Scarlet Spider-Man

Modern Hawkeye

Black Panther

Punisher (Thunderbolts Variant) Chase Figure

I must say that this wave has the Series 1 feel, it has a great line-up, minimal issues and has some pretty iconic characters in it. Anyways, I discussed a lot of things in each character's video review and pointed out some issues as well. Lastly, the wave is a must have -- seriously. A lot of people doubted it due to the issues about assortment, distribution, new waves without variants and all. Now that it's all explained why there are no variants, I guess everyone should be back on track since Legends (as a name) will end but the production of similar figures of the same scale will still continue.


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