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He's commonly known as "Advocate Pinoy" around the boards or on Youtube - a Marvel toy collector, YouTube toy reviewer and Vlogger. He often post reviews, displays (A. C. B. A.) and some updates regarding the upcoming toy events and releases.


I grew up hating villains as a kid and I love seeing them get defeated by my favorite characters. Spider-Man has a great number of foes and there are iconic ones among them. I grew up looking at Venom as Spidey's main rival though. Through the years, there have been notable hosts for this sentient alien -- the first one was Spider-Man until he realized its true nature. After separation, Eddie Brock became the next host. There are other hosts that followed like Ann Weying, Patricia Robertson, Angelo Fortunato (love the face insignia!), Mac Gargan (Dark Avengers) and the latest one - Flash Thompson, who calls himself Agent Venom.

Alright, now, the figure. If you've been reading my past Marvel Select reviews, I mentioned that they're known to go all out at times with bases or accessories. Recently, they came up with a Venom figure, who has numerous alternate parts for the head and the hand. The heads included were Todd Mcfarlane, Larsen, and Bagley inspired designs. Also, there's a Venom Madness accessory, inspired from Kelly Jones and co.'s design.

I discussed some points and issues a bit further in my recorded review like some issues regarding the figure and parts. If you have any questions, feel free to comment in the video. I also provided a short tutorial for extending the torso movement but for our young readers, please do it under adult supervision.

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