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Hey, guess what? Today's the day that the first half of the 6" Iron Man 3 figures come out!

If you can stop by Toy Kingdom, Megamall today, do so. You'll be able to pick up three of the six figures that make up the Iron Monger Series of figures!

If you've been to a Hasbro/Playkit distribution before, then you know how it goes. Registration starts at 10 AM when the mall opens; find the distribution table (it's the one with the red table cloth usually) inside the store and line up to sign your name on the priority list. You may be given a number.

Once the stock of the toys arrive (usually around 1PM, after lunch), wait for the volunteers to call your number and then line up to get the toys you signed up for. 

Things to be aware of:

    1. It's first come first serve. If you're picky about paint, come early
    2. Stocks are limited. Again, come early.
    3. Only 1 figure each per customer!
    4. Set of 3 = P2,699.75 (Iron Patriot, Heroic Age Iron Man, and Classic Iron Man)
    5. No word yet on when the second wave of three figures will arrive.

If you're only after Iron Patriot or Heroic Age Iron Man, there will be some singles available, but Classic Iron Man is short packed and only available in the set. If you plan on having Iron Monger, better pony up and get the 3-pack.

Note that there was a pre-order available at Cybertron Philippines (the folks who volunteer to organize these things - Thanks, guys!), but it's already closed (my fault, for not posting sooner). So, there will likely be another lines for the folks who pre-ordered.

Lucky bastards (he says as if he didn't already sign up).

WHERE? Toy Kingdom, SM Megamall

WHEN? Saturday, March 23, 2013 (Yes, that's TODAY!)


Here are pictures:


Thanks again to the awesome dudes of Cybertron Philippines, Hasbro, Playkit, and Toy Kingdom!



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