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Marvel Select did it again! Releasing another massive figure with amazing set of detail and a fair amount of articulation, they came up with Rhino, one of Spider-Man's better known villains, as well as Hulk's. A few weeks ago, they released the Barbarian Hulk and then the Disney Exclusive Hulk and those started the year right for Marvel Select collectors. Okay, even if those figures just sport a fair amount of articulation, they went all out with the details, as well as the accessories (for Barbarian Hulk). I mean, Php1000.00 to Php1300.00 for a figure this big is already enough since Marvel Legends, a neighboring line known for their 6" scale, is already priced at around P899.75 to Php1300.00 for movie figures.

Anyway, the figure, Rhino, has the usual set of articulation for MS figures like the absence of thigh, bicep and waist swivel but it has single jointed elbows and knees, wrist swivel, neck articulation and it has the new set of ankle rockers.

I don't really know that much regarding Rhino since I just recently saw him back in the books when I read the whole Spider-Island arc up to the old "Freaky Friday-ish" switch during the Death of Spider-Man arc. I noticed that he has a new set of armor. I'm used to his classic all gray Rhino-ish suit with the eyes at the side of the mask (animated show fan here).

Alright, I'll leave you with the video review today since I still have to get going and snag the Marvel Select Venom. Enjoy and don't forget to Like and Subscribe if you want more! Here's the link to my channel.


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