Heroes: Eating with Awesomeness

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I've always been a fan of Maxi Collector. They bring in merchandise that would otherwise be inaccessible to us Filipinos without having to pay insane amounts of money for shipping. Now, unfortunately, I cannot afford of their incredible merchandise. At least, not in this lifetime. All I've ever done with their wares is to stare at them from outside their glass enclosures at their stores or during cons. So, much to my delight, I heard of a place called Heroes, which is sort of like every other Maxi Collector store, only they serve food.

The girlfriend and I take turns picking out where to eat, and after taking a risk on that other sandwich place that isn't Subway, we felt unsatisfied and decided to go somewhere else for sustenance. (BTW Subway is just awesome. That other place, not so much. Tell everyone.) This time, I got to pick. And since I've always wanted to give Heroes a shot, I was able to convince her to go.

Heroes serves basic meals. I was hoping they'd give their dishes a geekier feel, but I guess they wouldn't wanna infringe on any IP. Dare-Devil Shrimp was the closest they got to a geeky title, and even then, they spelled it wrong. Their prices are fine, especially considering where the store is - Bonifacio High Street. I had the Bacon Style Tapa, and Mel had a couple pieces of barbecue.

Judging and reviewing food isn't exactly a forte of mine, although I'm a fat dude who loves to eat. From my limited culinary knowledge, though, I'd say the Bacon Style Tapa was just alright. It wasn't bad, wasn't great. I liked the crispiness of the meat, but it was way too salty. I know how tapa is supposed to taste, yeah? This tasted saltier than it should, in my opinion. As for the barbecue, it didn't really stand out. I've had similar barbecue elsewhere for a fraction of the price. Thing is, you don't go to Heroes for a gastronomic experience. You go to Heroes to dine... WITH GODS!

Eating at Heroes gives people like me, those who can never afford expensive pop culture comiquettes and busts, a chance to be surrounded by awesomeness while partaking a quick meal. One does not go to Heroes to simply dine, but rather to experience chilling out among fellow like-minded nerds. It was seriously like eating at a museum reserved for the amazing. As I had my meal, I saw people come in and out of the store, admiring the masterpieces within. No one really bought anything, but these items aren't exactly spontaneous purchases.

By far, my favorites were the Iron Man bust and the Captain America comiquette. I wouldn't mind coming back just to admire all the art around me while nomming on a red velvet cupcake and probably having some iced tea. I can totally see this store being used as a cool meet-up point for a group of like-minded people where they just hang out and talk geek. This can even be used as a set for a geek show podcast, and that would be incredible.

Heroes can be found at Unit B-6, Building 6, Bonifacio High Street. Their number, as listed on Spot.ph is 511-7327. Head on over to check out their stuff and try some of their food!


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