Hasbro Ultimate Spider-Man Movie Series Toy Review

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I haven't been reading any Ultimate Universe comic books for the past 2 or 3 years but something interesting happened recently - the death of Spider-Man in the Ultimate continuity. To be honest, I barely know anything about the character but the shift, or rather the transition of the Spider-Man title, something so significant and pretty iconic to kids, collectors, hobbyists and fans, to a character of a different nationality is jarring. I commend Marvel's move and I must say that I really like the guy wearing the Spider-Man uniform. I don't have anything against other nationalities taking such a role. Again, great move, Marvel!

So, a few months later, I think, Hasbro made a "The Amazing Spider-Man" 6" line. The wave consisted of an Andrew Garfield Spider-Man (unmasked and masked) movie figure, Lizard movie series figure and what really got me hooked is the Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) action figure. I did get all the figures from the wave but unfortunately, I just kept the Ultimate Spider-Man figure and sold the rest.


The Ultimate Spider-Man figure is made out of the Tarantula figure that was made by Hasbro back in 2007 or 2008, articulated, posrable, a bit bent forward and shorter than other 6" Spider-Man figures. Anyway, I made a recorded toy review and you can check it out below. I explained some points and issues though I honestly think that I missed some though. The video's a bit rushed, so forgive me. Peace!

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