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A very small niche of collectors have taken to collecting those free fast food toys. I'm not exactly sure why, but I can see the appeal. They're cheap, they come with food, and these toys will never see the light of day ever again. They're not really mass produced, so once you have em' and you take care of them, the really good ones are likely go up in value. Did you know that the toys that changed from food item to, like, a little robot is still very much in demand? They came out in 1987.

Jollibee's got a couple items that might interest you Batman fans, especially if you liked The Brave and The Bold animated series.

Grappling Launcher

Ooh, I've always wanted a Batman grappling hook. It'll be fun shooting small creatures with it. Doesn't look like it won't go very far, but it'll be fun to play around with it while staying idle at your workstation, maybe.

Now this one's pretty cool.

Batplane Launcher

Not only is that Batplane (or is it called the Batwing?) pretty nifty looking, you can launch that thing across the room. That'd make for a cool desk display.

These toys are available only until the end of December so grab your Jollibee Kids' Meal soon. Go ahead and buy both of them at the same time - the food is affordable and the serving size is for kids. You'll be fine.


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