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Marvel Select Disney Store Exclusive Unleashed Hulk

Article written by:
Dominic Dimagmaliw
Author: Dominic DimagmaliwWebsite: http://www.youtube.com/user/advocate928
He's commonly known as "Advocate Pinoy" around the boards or on Youtube - a Marvel toy collector, YouTube toy reviewer and Vlogger. He often post reviews, displays (A. C. B. A.) and some updates regarding the upcoming toy events and releases.


Last year, Diamond Select Toys made 4 Disney Store Exclusive figures, namely Classic Captain America, Black Widow, Classic Thor and Classic Hawkeye. Those figures were great and to be honest, I loved their bases. Hawkeye and Black Widow have these Ultron bases and came with Ant-Man and Wasp attached to their accessories. Cap and Thor have a monument base and a rock, respectively.

Well, one thing I didn't like about those figures was their articulation. Marvel Select made decently articulated figures after a previous wave, and I was expecting that they'll gradually introduce a new set of articulated Marvel Select figures but unfortunately, they didn't. It still depends on each release.

So, going back - this Unleashed Hulk can be displayed along with the upcoming Barbarian Hulk. I can't clearly recall how the title started but you can have the two displayed with each other to somehow show the transition of Hulk and/or Banner, slowly sorting things out. I really loved the story, especially how they slowly concluded things. I won't spoil much since it's a damn good read I suggest that you read it.

The figure's pretty neat, detail wise. One thing that most of the guys that got it complained about is the exaggerated veins though if you'll check out some pages from the first few issues, Hulk is a bit vein-y. Shading was so emphasized and the figure went out well. Basically, the features of the figure are pretty similar to the Hulks from Marvel Select years ago. The only thing new is the separated thigh part and the ball joint in the crotch area. 

Anyway, here is my video review of the figure. Compared it with some other Hulks from the line and as well with Thing. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you want more reviews and displays. Until next time!


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