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Remember when Toy Biz released the Legendary Riders Series? I got the whole wave back then and I was somehow impressed with the "Ultron" that they released but yeah, there were some stuff that I just hated about the figure. Some joints were stiff and I couldn't pose it that well. It did come with a glider though. Nowadays, this Marvel Legends Ultron is one of those "butaw" figures that you can get for Php150 or even Php100 without its glider and loose at 168 or Divisoria. I bought several of it to army build and got some customized.

Anyway, recently, Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select line released a 7" Ultron figure. I know most of you will think "nah, it's MS, it won't be that articulated" but hey, this one has a good articulation! I'm not that sure of its resemblance though. There are times that he looks like he's from some recent comic book titles (like the start of the Heroic Age) and sometimes, he's too dressed up. Bottom line, it's up to you on which display you're going to use this version.

The previous Marvel Select figures like the Hawkeye and Black Widow (Disney Exclusives) came with a base that has Ultron parts. When they announced that they were coming up with an Ultron figure, I thought it would be based off from the way those bases, fully detailed and resembles a modernized look. Still, I'm happy with how this one turned out and finally, we got a formidable Ultron figure.

The figure stands at around 7" and definitely is poseable. It has shoulder ball joints, bicep swivels, single jointed elbows and a wrist swivel. The torso is chopped thus, it can be moved around. The figure also has a waist swivel and the crotch area is connected to two ball joints. For the lower part, it has thigh swivels, double jointed knees and a neatly articulated ankle.

Lastly, the figure comes with a base that has a shrunken Ant-Man and Wasp figure.

Anyway, for more details regarding the figure, please check out my Toy review on Youtube:

I hope you enjoyed this review and stay tuned for more!



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