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Got these figures during the 1st Toy Expo 2012 by Toy Kingdom during its 3rd day. I was there for the event's VIP night and tried to look for these figures. Unfortunately, they only had Wave 2 figures of ROML at 900 PHP (less 10%). Thankfully, it came for distribution on its 3rd day and we didn't have to wait for noon for it to be distributed -- sign and pay.

Anyway, this release has the regular assortment of figures from the wave (yes, there's a 2nd distribution soon!). The wave includes the following characters:

  • Doctor Doom - repainted, same accessories and still the same figure.
  • Mystique - same parts as to Madame Hydra but has the Black Widow upper torso and arms.
  • X-Force Deadpool - same parts as the one from the 2pack released years ago.
  • U.S. Agent - same buck as the Bucky Captain America parts except for the head, arms and belt.
  • Punisher - Winter Soldier Body with Nick Fury 2-pack arms and coat -- and loads of accessories.
  • Neo Classic Armor Iron Man -  New body mold but has the same hands as the 2-Pack Iron Man by Hasbro.

This wave doesn't have a BAF (Build-A-Figure) but it comes with stands similar to what we got from the Hasbro Avengers movie figures but this time, it doesn't have any Avengers logo in it. I would love to discuss my opinion regarding the fact that it doesn't have a BAF but I guess everyone knows how that goes down nowadays. It was earlier discussed that this wave was supposed to be a part of next year's release but Hasbro instead released it this year as "Wave/Series 3" of 2012.


Here are my reviews of each figure:



U.S. Agent:


Doctor Doom:

Neo Classic Armor Iron Man:

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