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At the risk of retriggering a fever I've been staving off for the past week or so, I made my way to the Toy Kingdom Toy Expo mainly because I needed to get the G.I. Joe Retaliation Trooper. Much to my extreme disappointment, they've been out of those since Saturday so, I fail. Still, I walked around the expo anyway and found a lot of interesting things, despite cursing out loud every couple minutes every time I remember they ran out of Troopers.

For you collectors out there, they distributed Wave 3 of Hasbro's Marvel Legends for this year. Present in the assortment I saw were Mystique, Punisher and X-Force Deadpool. Moonstar, Blade and red and black Deadpool weren't there. The other G.I. Joe Retaliation figures also were at the distribution area, except for the Trooper. And just for fun, I looked up the Trooper on eBay and they're up there going for as high as P1990. So, yeah, THANKS A LOT SCALPERS!

Probably the first thing you'll notice would be the discounts. Almost everything had at least 10% sliced off.

Most of the big discounts are for kids, but there were a few collectibles that had em', too.

Apart from that, they had massive amounts of displays, too. They had dedicated sections to specific types of toys. There was a full section just for vehicles and that was pretty fun.

They had cutesy stuff, too. And I know it's not very manly, but I wouldn't mind having that bunny family on my office desk.

The statues were as awesome as ever. Are these the same ones from Megamall? Yeah, seems like it, except that Spider-Man and that Cap look brand new.

Collectors were also present to show off their stuff. There were Transformers collections, too, but I forgot to take pics of them. Can't recall if there were G.I. Joe dios or any Marvel displays, though.

Oh and speaking of Transformers, those are actual Camaros.

There were also set-ups for Barbie, Megabloks, Sanrio, Thundercats, Ben 10, Ban Dai, and Tomica just to name a few.

So, yeah, the Toy Expo was pretty much what you'd find in a Toy Kingdom, only with larger discounts, bigger displays and more people. The cashier line was insane! There was a dude with a "Line starts here" sign like you would see at an amusement park. There were people lining up to pay for something!

I think this was a pretty successful run for Toy Kingdom, even if I didn't get the figure I wanted. Oh well, there's always eBay.


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