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Because of the awesome Avengers movie, I decided to open up my Thanos and Adam Warlock two-pack instead of another G.I. Joe figure. I took some pics and I kinda like how they turned out, mostly because Thanos is awesome. Thanos makes dreams come true, by the way.

Like all my pics, they're taken with a Lumix LX5, only this time, I took my external flash off the tripod and tried to play around with it a bit. Looks pretty cool, methinks.


Packaging is pretty standard for these two-pack figures. I actually don't know why I have to include a subsection for it at all. Despite some packaging art in front, you can still see the figures pretty clearly. My biggest concern with it is that it is a little deceiving.

This is how they're arranged in the clamshell, on the card.

I know it's all marketing - putting the best features out in front and all that. Can you see that awesome Infinity Gauntlet? Yeah, you'd think it was part of Warlock, right? Or at least a cool accessory? Well, it's an accessory alright, but not all that cool. More on that later!


Thanos is an insanely cool figure. While it is a retool of the old single-pack Thanos (that was based off the Juggernaut body), I think this one is the lesser figure simply because it lacks the Infinity Gauntlet accessory. In place of the Gauntlet is a clenched fist only.

I love the expression on his face; that grin makes him look way menacing. The original grimace was cool, but this is much more like Thanos. Similarly, the boots and the gloves are also equally impressive, especially since the underside of his boots are molded in such a way that they look functional.

Adam Warlock pales in comparison to Thanos.

It's not bad, by any stretch of the imagination. It just doesn't look as mindblowingly awesome as Thanos. Warlock seems to share the same body as the Jim Lee Cyclops, which is probably one of my favorite body molds in the line. So much so that I am wishing they make one for Captain America, too.

Where Warlock really shines is the face sculpt. It is phenomenal, especially for a figure this small. His staff looks amazing, too, with wood texture and tiny details.


One of the big differences between the old single carded Thanos and this one is the paint scheme. I can easily say that I do prefer the two-pack Thanos, with shiny gold. He's got two basic main colors - purple and gold, but are applied very nicely, very neatly.

Thanos' eyes are reddish, instead of white. That's a little odd but it works. Oh and I guess it's worth mentioning that his teeth are well painted, too, with zero bleeding.

Adam Warlock is painted red and black primarly. Everything was applied cleanly, especially on the face.

Even the Infinity Gauntlet is painted very nicely. Each Infinity Gem has very little bleeding, except for the blue soul gem that has a little bit up top. Unfortunately, it is not without its faults. The cape's paint looks China knockoff cheap. I don't know if it's the material that makes the paint look thin and watery, unlike the solid red and black of the body. The red edges bleed into the yellow, too.


For such a big figure, it's nice to see Thanos get all the articulation of a standard Marvel Universe figure. He has the ball joint neck, torso (which feels like a ball joint, too), shoulder ball joint, bicep twist, single hinge elbow, glove twist, hip peg, thigh cut, double hinge knee, boot twist, ankle hinge and rocker. Did I miss anything? That's a lot, son.

Unfortunately, due to his size, most of his movement is restricted. His skirt makes it impossible to move his legs forward at the hip.

Warlock has ball joint hinge neck, ball joint torso, shoulder ball, bicep twist, single joint elbow, rotating wrists, waist rotation, hip peg, thigh cut, double jointed knee, rotating calves, ankle hinge and rocker. So, yeah, about as many as Thanos.

And just like Thanos, Warlock is restricted by something - his cape. He can be put in very few poses unless you take that cape off, but you wouldn't because it looks so pimp.

Despite the restrictions, it's impressive to have that many points of articulation for the figures; and it's all good since neither character is known to be very flexible anyway.


The set comes with Infinity Gauntlet #3, Thanos' chest armor, Warlock's staff and the Infinity Gauntlet. Now, the Thanos chest armor is practically part of the figure and can't really be considered an accessory. The staff and the Gauntlet are the only real accessories.

The staff is pretty wicked. It fits perfectly in Warlock's hands and is intricately designed. It's cool, I like it.

Now lemme get this off my chest. The Infinity Gauntlet disappointed me. I thought it was a soft rubber piece that could fit over the Adam's hand or at least work like Thanos' Gauntlet that replaces the entire glove.

But no, we get something like Dr. Doom's gauntlet, which snaps on the forearm, making it look good from only one angle.

See? In the pic, you can totally see his fist underneath the Infinity Gauntlet. Meh.

I guess you can just take it off, but it defeats the purpose of it all.


If you're into the cosmic stuff, this two-pack is a very good buy. Neither figure is perfect but they both look great. If you can get over the gauntlet sucktitude, then it'll be worth the purchase.


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