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Originally posted on Comicology last February 28, 2011.

When the first concept art images came out, this armor looked like shit. It looked like a wetsuit. And I was all “Fuck that, Iron Man is supposed to be wearing armor, like a sleek tank! He isn’t Wet Suit Man!” Then it turns out, the whole point of it was that it wasn’t supposed to be clunky at all because it came from inside Tony Stark. The concept is pretty similar to the Extremis undersheath, only taken to the next level.

As the armor saw more use in the comics, different artists took the look and made it their own. It started to grow on me. So much, in fact, that it is currently my second favorite armor next to the Extremis. So far,  Scott Eaton’s and Marko Djurdjevic’s takes on it are my favorite.

When the toy was announced, the prototype looked extremely good. I was afraid, of course, that the prototype was merely a superior version of the final retail build, as common practice dictates. However, once the toy was released, my fears were put to rest as the Bleeding Edge Iron Man was as epic as I had hoped.

As the video says, it has great sculpt, with standard articulation but less than stellar paint. Also, HIDDEN MICKEY!

Check out some images:

The latest addition to the armory! (2012 Bim says: I think it still is. I didn't buy any of those newfangled concept series ones.)


Primed and ready for battle!
2012 Bim: With alcoholism!
2011 Bim: Wait. Fuck. Really?
2012 Bim: Hells yes, man.
2011 and 2012 Bim: *high five*


I know Kung Fu, too!


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