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Okay, shut up and take my money.

While dicking around the Internet, I came across this video of a guy playing around with a toy prototype. As it turns out, he just was the genius behind what would quite possibly be the most amazing toy in the history of mankind, ever. Screw the Aibo, man. This shit is the real deal.

Basically, all the toy is, is a remote controlled arachnid mechanoid. Yes, it can walk around like you would imagine it to but that's not all it can do! It shoots discs, foam darts and ping pong balls. You can pimp it out with customizable armor that pops off when hit, which is one of the cooler things about it. Right now, it's just a prototype but when completed, it'll have a target area that you can gun for while battling it out with another one of these things. Here, just check out the video uploaded Feb. 9, 2012.


Only real way to accurately describe this would be "mind blowingly amazing."

The toy company he's working for, Wow Stuff (apt name, I know), is totally cool with giving one away for free if you give the name that they eventually end up using. Go ahead and leave a comment on his YouTube video. Also, this guy deserves the publicity so share the video please.

Jamie is apparently some kind of mad scientist. He's actually building a giant robot similar to these smaller toy ones. Check it out at his site at Yeah, the site could use a little work but I don't see you inventing anything awesome.

I love the guy's enthusiasm about his inventions, like a real-world Stu Pickles. He sounds like a guy I totally wanna have a beer with and call my bestest friend in the world although he may have some super villain tendencies.


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