Hawken: Mech Combat FPS

Do you like giant fucking robots? OF COURSE YOU LOVE GIANT FUCKING ROBOTS! Who doesn't love giant fucking robots?! We ain't even talking about regular run of the mill humanoid autonomous robots. We're talking MECHAS, MOTHERFUCKER!

Have you ever wanted to drive a mech? You know, one of those big ass bipedal machines made of tons of metal, 70,000 pounds of ammo, an insane amount of weaponry, violence, and all the dying whispers of its victims? Yeah, those mechas. You're in luck, friend - HAWKEN, MOTHERFUCKER!

What is Hawken? It is a mech combat first person shooter being developed by an independent game developer, Adhesive Games. That little bit of info actually makes this all that more impressive. They're a team of 17 people and they have made something this fucking cool.

You see that little box of text on the upper left corner? It says "Early prototype. Does not reflect the quality of the final product." Wait, so you mean, it can get better?! Mind effectively blown. But with all those particles and effects and all the crap in the background it has to render, I imagine you'd need a computer that can bench press Chuck Norris to run this game at relatively maximized specs. The game was built using the Unreal engine; while it may not be as advanced as the 3rd Unreal engine, it's still looking nifty.

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How to Survive DCUO Free-to-Play

So DC Universe Online was announced to go free-to-play come the end of October. Calm down, DC fanboy. We know some of you guys are just itching like a heroin addict to get a hold of DCUO once it goes free to play so we've got you guys covered. We've got some tips on how you can enjoy DCUO to its fullest, without falling into the pitfalls of F2P gaming, like having to leave your computer for "family or work stuff."

Learn it

Since there's really no more reason for you not to give it a try, you might as well learn to play it like a boss. It's very easy to scour the Internet for game mechanics, power sets, skill trees, controls and mission walkthroughs. But of course, it is of utmost importance that you learn the most important thing about MMO's - how to look bitchin'.

As early as now, you better decide if you'll go dark side and if you'll be rocking the cuffed boots or not.

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Geek Music: TeamHeadKick

One day, long ago, as I was browsing Machinima's YouTube channel for some awesome machinima and Top Ten FTW, I chanced upon something called "Transformers WFC Rap." I figured I'd give it a listen because I have a massive geek-on for War For Cyberton. Glad I did because it blew my mind right out of the back of my head, after which my face promptly melted.

The song was produced by TeamHeadKick, and they are awesome. They have a channel up on YouTube and are affiliated with Machinima. TeamHeadKick produces machinima and video game-related music. Oh, sorry, let me correct myself - ASS KICKING video game-related music. Their music is the kind of thing you'd want playing in the background while slaying zombies during a zombie apocalypse because you get a +4 to your ass kicking stat with it on.

Here are some of my favorites. Be warned, though. You may have to wear a helmet.

Head Huntin' (Modern Warfare 2)

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Iron Fist and Virgil Gameplay Revealed

As much as I hate Capcom for releasing another full disc for another $40 after I shelled out money for the original game, the new characters have convinced me to buy the game again. I'm going to use the older game as a coaster or something. Like I probably said before, I'm not a big fighting game buff because I can't play competitively at all. I'm a pussy like that. But ever since they announced Iron Fist, November 15, 2011 just couldn't come soon enough.

Thankfully, to get me my Iron Fist fill, they released some gameplay footage of him in action, along with Virgil from the Devil May Cry series.

Let's check out some footage:

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Exciting Stuff From MW3

Call of Duty XP just concluded; the MW3 champions, Op Tic, were awarded $400,000, and a ton of videos and details of Modern Warfare 3 came out. A lot of it is actually immensely interesting, especially if you've played MW2 before because they're dropping a bunch of things that made that game a bit intolerable at times.

Ooh, those graphics would be great if it rendered like this on the PS3.

As excited as I am, though, there are new things that might just make this game unbalanced still, just in a totally new way. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's go ahead and watch the multiplayer briefing first.

Fucking awesome, yes? Now, let's talk about the tidbits that get our little MW fanboyism spirits all warm and tingly.

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