Exciting Stuff From MW3

Call of Duty XP just concluded; the MW3 champions, Op Tic, were awarded $400,000, and a ton of videos and details of Modern Warfare 3 came out. A lot of it is actually immensely interesting, especially if you've played MW2 before because they're dropping a bunch of things that made that game a bit intolerable at times.

Ooh, those graphics would be great if it rendered like this on the PS3.

As excited as I am, though, there are new things that might just make this game unbalanced still, just in a totally new way. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's go ahead and watch the multiplayer briefing first.

Fucking awesome, yes? Now, let's talk about the tidbits that get our little MW fanboyism spirits all warm and tingly.

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X-Men Destiny: Silicon Knights Behind the Scenes

When I first caught wind of X-Men Destiny, I spazzed out in an epileptic fit due to too much excitement. It was advertised as a game where a character you create will join the X-Men. I was filled with the hope that the character creation would be as powerful as, maybe, Dragon Age, or at the very least, those WWE games. I was stoked because I could finally put IMPREGNATOR in the X-Men, where he truly belongs.

Little by little, details started to emerge. And to be completely honest, my excitement quickly degenerated into a slimy form of disappointment. The very first video I saw at E3 showed me a generic brawler that didn't even reach InFamous 2 levels of coolness.

You can pick out of three characters - an Asian girl, a Cole Macgrath-look alike, and a jock. So, yeah, two white guys and an Asian girl.

Okay, maybe, I figured, maybe the gameplay will improve because that video was an early build. It hasn't changed a bit. Anyway, check out what Silicon Knights has to say about X-Men Destiny.


Battlefield 3 Datablitz Pre-order Bonuses

My biggest gripe with gaming here in the Philippines is the fact that we were always overlooked when it came to pre-order or mail-in order bonuses. The Gamestop here doesn't offer the same bonuses, and we don't have Best Buy or Walmart. I felt cheated. I was always forced to wait a few months before I can download the DLC, and normally for $15. It just felt unfair - I'm willing to pre-order, to pay good money, but because I'm not from North America or Europe, I don't get anything.

That is until Datablitz started offering the same pre-order bonuses you would get from Amazon, Gamestop and Best Buy!

The pre-order bonus from any Datablitz is the Physical Warfare pack with the Type 88 LMG, flash suppesors, DAO-12 shotgun and flechette rounds and a shirt. Seriously, I would've been fine with just a shirt. On top of that, you get the Back to Karkand expansion map pack, too.

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Spider-Man: EoT Josh Keaton Interview

Despite how straightforward and monotonous I found Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, I still find my interest piqued by Spider-Man: Edge of Time for some unholy reason. Maybe it's just masochism, who knows. Either way, I just came across a video of Josh Keaton talking about the latest Spider-Man game from Beenox! He mentions some pretty interesting things.

Oh wait, I think I figured out why I'm so interested.


The graphics look stunning, absolutely gorgeous. The gameplay, though, looks like the same old shit from Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. The two simultaneous timelines thing has me worried as it could be very gimmicky, but I guess only time will tell if my fears are well placed. We'll find out soon enough because the game ships October 14, 2011.


Modern Warfare 3 Preorder

Pre-order your Modern Warfare 3 from Steam now and get absolutely nothing extra. So, I guess this really is just buying something way in advance. Because, you know, you really have to reserve digital copies because they run out of... disk space.

I was one of the millions of people who jumped into the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise because I got tired of the World War II FPS theme. I was immediately hooked. I spent hours upon hours of getting my ass handed to me by screaming 13 year old kids.

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