10 Awesome Power-Ups in Video Games

In video games of old, it was a common game mechanic to pick up and use items, whether they were randomly found or secretly stashed. In some cases, they were what made games fun to play. They go by different names - pickups, items, boosters - but they all generally helped the player out in one form or another. All of them eventually came to be known as power-ups. And like games, not all power-ups were created equal.

In this post, we'll talk about 10 of the most awesome video game power-ups of all time!

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Ten Of Our Finest Video Games

1) Metroid Prime (2002)

Metroid Prime expertly translated the series' meticulous world design into a 3D space. No other conversion stuck to its 2D roots so reverently and yet come out of the gate being so revolutionary. If we are looking at how to translate almost 20 years of conception and invention, then Metroid Prime isn't just merely a homage to the past nor a lynchpin of modern game world creation - it is a bastion for the future to look up to. Because back in 2002, it was revelatory. But today, it is yet to be bettered.

2) Metal Gear Solid (1998)

Video games prior to Metal Gear Solid didn't know where to go. It was a new medium and developers had to keep inventing and carving out mechanics in a brave new world. This game, however, placated video games in the language of cinema and perhaps influenced the medium in more ways than expected. As games that were influenced by novels, music, and even TV shows were relegated to the niche corners of the industry, there was the Metal Gear Solid and the Hollywood-esque: a new narrative language that we are still shamefully using today.

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Plants VS Zombies 2. It's About Time.

Remember that PopCap-developed tower defense game that hit PCs in 2009, and it was so good, it made its way into every conceivable platform available? It was so good that people who got the games through more or less illicit means said "Ah screw it, they're not asking much for it. Might as well support these guys." It was so good, every gamer, casual or otherwise, would spend hours on it. That game was Plants VS Zombies. With the release of the sequel, Plants VS Zombies 2: It's About Time, PopCap aims to bring the goods once again.

It is still very much the same tower defense game we all grew to love. If you're a long time player of PvZ, you can jump right into it and play as well as you used to. However, the time theme gives the game unique mechanics, as well as introduce new zombie enemies with diverse behaviors to keep things fresh and give a new spin on things.

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The Comic Book Style of Video Game Plots

 Lara Croft is a privileged member of a prestigious family. Because of her esoteric interests, she decides to travel the world and learn its mysteries. Her first adventure immediately puts her in an uphill battle where she learns to kill, survive, and uncover ancient secrets in order to save her friends. She picks up tools and weapons along the way and modifies them to become her equalizers in battle against an army of henchmen. When all is said and done, Lara returns with a newfound resolve and purpose. Clearly, Lara Croft is the superhero we needed. Lara Croft is Batman.

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My Top 10 Nintendo Famicom Games

If there's one device that molded my childhood, it would definitely have to be the Nintendo Famicom. This is the NES experience people in this country had. Well, this and its many knockoffs. They weren't particularly durable so I probably went through 3 or 4 units throughout its life cycle. I even had one called a Good Boy. But this system is what really molded me into what I am today - a nerd who loves video games and wastes way too much time on them.

Happy birthday, Famicom. Happy birthday.

Turns out the Famicom came out 7 days after my birthday in 1983. The Famicom turned 30 on July 15, 2013, 7 days after I did.

And to celebrate the anniversary, Nintendo will be releasing a virtual console title every month! And because of that, I'd like to talk about my top 10 favorite NES games just for fun.

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