My Top 10 Nintendo Famicom Games

If there's one device that molded my childhood, it would definitely have to be the Nintendo Famicom. This is the NES experience people in this country had. Well, this and its many knockoffs. They weren't particularly durable so I probably went through 3 or 4 units throughout its life cycle. I even had one called a Good Boy. But this system is what really molded me into what I am today - a nerd who loves video games and wastes way too much time on them.

Happy birthday, Famicom. Happy birthday.

Turns out the Famicom came out 7 days after my birthday in 1983. The Famicom turned 30 on July 15, 2013, 7 days after I did.

And to celebrate the anniversary, Nintendo will be releasing a virtual console title every month! And because of that, I'd like to talk about my top 10 favorite NES games just for fun.

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Postcards From DotA 2

So there I was, going up the middle lane alongside a bunch of my creeps. Across the river stands Zeus, the God of Thunder, pacing around behind his own creeps, seemingly like a general directing his troops in battle, but really more like a predator waiting to strike. I had my gameplan, which I stuck to since the beginning: I would harass him by attacking and sending claps of thunder – slightly ironic, I know – his way, and when he runs I would send him back to where he was four seconds ago and keep hitting until he goes down. It helped that I knew he was going to stick around when he should be running, even if I knew that he had a similar plan.

I went in and he managed to kill me as I was retreating. When I got back to life, I went in again and he killed me again, but not without me landing a finishing blow as well. When I came back, he and a friend teamed up to kill me a third time.

And I would continue to die and die and die. Most of the time it was through my own fault; but I guess you can say it was all my fault, even when it might not have been, because the enemy grew stronger and I stayed the same each time they slew my sorry ass.

Needless to say, we went on to lose that game.

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Despicable Me: Minion Rush

There isn't anyone in this world who doesn't love minions. If you don't, I think you're not from this planet and you should get out! Kidding. I mean, they're so cute and funny and lovable and all that and I fell in love with them instantly the moment I saw them in the first Despicable Me movie. Oh, how I envy Gru... Minions talk funny and I really believe every Despicable Me geek out there should learn their language so we could converse like them. Hashtag kidding, not kidding.

They have this Banana and Potato song which is very, very, very adorable. I'm certain you've already heard from the trailer (and which, by the way, not to sound too nerdy, I memorized ages ago). So, can you imagine how stoked I am for the second movie?! Yeah? Beyond, dude, beyond!

Anyhoo, along with the much anticipated Despicable Me 2, Gameloft launched a game freely available for iOS and Android users. The game's name's Minion Rush and I personally love it!!!

The game's goal is to be the Most Despicable Minion. So basically, you're a minion in the game. You run and collect bananas along the way as well as power-ups and hit other minions for your

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score to multiply faster thus getting the highest despicable one.

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TMNT: Out of the Shadows Character Trailers

I love me some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As a kid, one of the first action figures I ever really cared for was a Leonardo fig from the first wave. One of my favorite NES-era games was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. Early Saturday mornings were all about the TMNT cartoons for me when I was a small boy. Had I known about the Eastman and Laird and comics back then, I would've asked my folks to pick those up for me. The live action movies had me geeking out like crazy, and I was 7 years old. The new Nickelodeon series kicks ass, and so does the ongoing comic book series published by IDW.

You can just imagine the horror I felt when news broke out that Michael Bay was taking the TMNT helm. Hope was restored when it turned out he was producing it instead, with Jonathan Liebesman (Wrath of the Titans) directing it and that Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird have a hand in the story. I was appeased with this news, but still feel a little unsure. Despite that being a gray cloud in the horizon, news about TMNT: Out of the Shadows started popping up and I was again filled with glee.

We've seen some gameplay footage and it has what we all want from TMNT games - lots of beat-em-up action!

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Marvel Heroes is a Very Clicky Game

Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play action MMORPG developed Gazillion and Secret Identity Studios. And as the name suggests, it is based on the Marvel universe. Unlike DC Universe Online, where you make your own superhero to fight side by side with iconic DC characters, Marvel Heroes will let you play as... well, Marvel heroes. The formula might sound familiar to you. To a lot of people, this is the spiritual successor to the wildly entertaining Marvel Ultimate Alliance games.

Marvel Heroes - medium quality settings because I'm poor and my computer is old

Due to the change in the nature of the game, gameplay compared to MUA is an entirely different animal. In Marvel Ultimate Alliance, if a character is picked, you're out of luck and would have to pick another character. Only four players can be online at one time per game. Marvel Heroes gives you a massive stage and lets you play with thousands of people. But now that I'm actually playing it, that doesn't seem to be such a good thing after all.

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