Revisiting Marvel Heroes

Right up to the launch of Marvel Heroes last June 4, 2013, I was one of those fans who could barely contain their excitement. I thought we were going to get the Ultimate Alliance the Marvel fans really deserved. I struggled past the download, clumsily installed it, and started playing. I picked out Daredevil because he is my favorite comic book character, and after leveling him to 16, I came to the conclusion that Marvel Heroes just wasn't any fun. So I uninstalled it and just about forgot Marvel Heroes.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me about the game and I gave my honest opinion based on my launch experience. And he couldn't believe the shit that was coming out of my mouth. He started looking at me like I just insulted his mother. So I started checking out the forums, and everyone has been saying that post patch, it is practically a different game compared to the one at launch - they changed up a bunch of mechanics, introduced splinters, and enhanced the instances.

Interest re-piqued. Marvel Heroes redownloaded. And since I only had Daredevil to play, I jumped right into it with old Hornhead himself. I noticed that some of his moves got reworked. They worked a little better now but it was still kinda boring to play. (Well, he is getting his Level 52 review and he will be reworked some more so I'm kinda looking forward to that.) Eventually, I thought to myself maybe I'm just using a boring character. 

Decided to plop down $10. Enter Cyclops.

Instantly, the potential of Marvel Heroes was unlocked. I have barely been able to put the game down since I restarted. It's still clicky, and it's still grindy, but just the feeling of achievement and progress is just too goddamn satisfying. So, THIS is what Diablo 2 fans loved.

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My Love Hate Relationship With Trophies

Achievements and trophies, the way they're known today, came into popularity with its introduction with the Xbox 360's Gamerscore system. You are rewarded an achievement with a corresponding Gamerscore or a trophy for performing certain in-game activities. It can be something as simple as completing a certain level, reaching a certain part of the story, or performing tasks necessary to advance the plot. But it can get as complicated as tackling certain parts of games a certain way or not using certain gameplay options. Some of them involve crazy levels of grinding, and some of them are so hard, they turn otherwise normal, balanced people into raving murderous hardcore monkeys. In essence, achievements and trophies are little rewards game developers give you for playing their game in specific ways.

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Dreams on the Hardwood: Playing NBA 2K14

The Philips Arena is electric tonight. The usually lukewarm Atlanta crowd is on fire this evening, because I’ve stepped foot on the court – I am the Alpha Hawk, ascendant savior point guard of a so-so Atlanta team Eastern Conference stalwarts steamroll every April. The offense flows like electricity through my fingers, because sometimes it seems like I’m the only one who can offer a spark to ignite this group.

The ball’s in my hands. I come through the lane, take a confident step towards the basket, and offer the rock to the rim, a precious sacrifice to some fickle basketball god so that he may bless our team with two points; and later on, maybe a win.

It doesn’t get there. The deity has already deemed my offering unworthy, as it is swatted out of my hands by a bigger defender. Nope. Not this time.

It’s tough to be a 5’7” point guard in the NBA.

You know what it is, though – it’s me playing myself in MyCareer mode. As per my own tradition, I play a realistic career every year: my actual height at 5’7”, the closest weight I could come to (around 175 lbs.), hailing from the Philippines. The only thing that isn’t realistic is my basketball ability, but isn’t the chance to completely blow yourself out of proportion the main hook of a sports video game?

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Elevator Joe

Casual games are taking over the gaming world, and we all know this. 70% to 90% of all gamers play casuals. And because of that, and due to relatively low development costs, we've seen a massive influx of casual games on the very widespread platforms of Android and iOS. So, to be competitive in this gaming environment, a game has to be something special. And for a casual game to succeed, it has to have three things - ease of access, addictiveness and scalability.

And it seems that Elevator Joe has all of them. Developed by Erick Garayblas (Streetfood Tycoon, which I played on the iPad) and Ryan Sumo (SpaceChem and Prison Architect), Elevator Joe is a technically a time management/ tower sim game but I don't think the genre names don't do the game justice. Make no mistake - this game is frantic, and at no point will you feel like you're managing time as much as you are managing the unbridled fury those little cranky chibizen motherfuckers trying to get to another floor, even though walking down a couple floors might actually help their weight problems and make them feel better about themselves.

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Pinoy Gaming Festival 2013

E-Sports is alive and kicking here in our country. You just gotta know where to look.

RapturePH returns for the 3rd annual Pinoy Gaming Festival on Oct.  26 and 27, 2013 at the World Trade Center along Disodado Macapagal Ave. The PGF, even though it started out small, has grown to be the most anticipated e-sports convention in the country! This is it, folks! This is local Evo!

If you're the type of gamer who thinks they're hot shit, but you've never really gone up against the best the country has to offer on a stage as big as the Pinoy Gaming Festival, then you might want to check yourself. Every competitive gamer worth their salt is going to show up and they're going to bring their A game. You a DoTA 2 player who talks shit online about people you beat? Shut your face and put your money where your mouth is. You one of those jerky arcade players at the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 cabinets who sneer at noobs? If you're not at this tourney, you're just another pussy.

Bottom line is, if you talk big but you're not at the Pinoy Gaming Festival, then there is no proof of your greatness. None whatsoever. To show off your mettle, you gotta run with the big dogs. And locally, this is the largest kennel there is.

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