Tabletop Review: Incredibrawl or Incredibawl?

I got to play the crowdfunded tabletop game Incredibrawl several times over the past two weeks, in different-sized playgroups. Incredibrawl is a comical, fast-paced, card game from Vision 3 Games with 3 game modes (Casual, Family, and Gamer) depending on the kind of playgroup you’re entertaining.


In this game, each player is given an identical deck of cards composed of character cards and power-ups. Characters run the whole gamut from pirates, dragons, evil scientists, and the ever-so-diabolical… kitten! Players simultaneously play characters and “brawl” using a rock-paper-scissors mechanic. Physical character types beat natural types, natural types beat energy types, and energy types beat physical. The power level of each character comes into play whenever a tie happens. During these brawls, players can play power-ups to turn the tides of battle to your side, especially since lady luck is a feeble-minded skank ho.

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12 in 12: Mage Knight: The Boardgame

Hello. My name is DC, and welcome to 12 in 12 where we take one of 12 board games and play the hell out of it for a month (or about a month, technically 3-4 Sundays). Today, for our first review ever, we review Mage Knight: the Boardgame. 

Mage Knight is a thematic boardgame for 1-4 players. The game is designed by Vlaada Chvátil, acclaimed board game and video game designer. Anything this guy makes seem to sell out like hotcakes, as Mage Knight sold out in 20 days after its first release in December of 2011.

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Be The Odinson - Marvel Heroes Thor Build

I don't get a lot of gaming time, and most of it has been spent on Marvel Heroes. I didn't think I'd be this crazy addicted to it. So I figured, might as well geek out about it on GeekOut!. Thor is actually my second hero to level up, but I'll do him first. Cyke, my first level 60, will be next.

This build is based on area attacks and survivability. And playing Thor the way he is in the comics, most of the time. This is more for fun and role playing rather than optimization. It isn't the most powerful or most effective Thor, but this is the Thor that feels most like Thor to me, which makes it fun. For the full sim of the build, click here for Marvel Base.

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Hidden Costs of Gaming

We all know how much a console costs. We're all aware of how much it'd take to put a gaming PC together. We all know how expensive games can be, even though Steam offers some fan-freakin-tastic deals. And to some, this is what constitutes the entire gaming cost. Some people, especially those who don't really pay the bills around the house, often neglect some of these very simple factors.

This post isn't made to dissuade you or your family from gaming. Quite the opposite, actually. I want you to be more aware of what comes out of your pocket so you can play more to your budget, and for you to plan accordingly. A cost-efficient gamer is a happy gamer, not to mention a less guilty one!

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3 Evil (video game) Corporations I Would Invest In

There are a bunch of hulking, evil companies that, if they were not evil, I would totally invest in in real life. Here is a rundown of my 3 corporations:

Abstergo Industries, specifically Abstergo Entertainment

Tech Company

So, I come from a long line of assassins (right) and was sworn into the brotherhood about 5 times (including 2 DLCs). But, what Abstergo is doing in terms of expansion and their new product line is absolutely cool. Would totally buy around 50,000 shares.

The Animus is a machine that lets you relive past events as another human who endured that time. Previously, it has been used for research and training but a newer model called the Animus Omega is being released for commercial distribution. It’s the future of entertainment, the next next next next next gen console. And it could be ported into absolutely any theme: education, leisure, world domination. It’s pretty cool too how, when you think about it, The Animus is actually the AC series, we’re the Desmonds reliving the past, and Abstergo could well be Ubisoft which in conclusion means they are Templars. That’s it, I’m going to have my banana now.

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