Witcher 3 XP Exploit - 18,000 XP Per Hour

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is one of the best reviewed video games of the current generation. It's up there with giants like The Last of Us, GTA V, and Journey. Each quest is masterfully crafted, making side questing a joy. Unfortunately, there are only so many quests and the way xp works in this game makes leveling up quite controlled. Once you level past the threshold for quests, you're only awarded a measly 1 point xp.

Good thing there's an xp exploit. 

The exploit has been known since maybe patch 1.04. We are currently on 1.08 (with New Game+), and as I tested yesterday, this exploit still works.

Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Go to Skellige

Step 2: Go to the island north west of Kaer Trolde. 

Step 3: There is a quest called Tower Outta Nowhere. Complete that.

Step 4: Run back to Urialla Harbor. There will be a yellow exclamation on the minimap indicating two women talking. Talk to the lady and they'll tell you about the path of warriors

Step 5: Run to the foot of the mountain at Trail to Yngvar's Fang. Talk to Gunnar and start the Path of Warriors quest.

Step 6: Go fetch the shawl, and then go back to the quest giver, Gunnar, at the foot of the mountain. 

Step 7: Talk to Gunnar again. He'll remind you what you're supposed to do.

Step 8: This is where the exploit starts. Walk between the two columns and on PS4, there will be a very slight pause. This indicates that the quest has been started and the game will grant you 50 XP.

Step 9: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. You have to stop. Walk back Gunnar and talk to him again. And then repeat Step 8 and 9 until you get your fill of sweet, delicious XP. See the video below.

On the PS4, skipping the dialogue and light attack are the same button. If ever you accidentally threaten Gunnar, just meditate and you can talk to him again.

This method gives you 50 XP every 10 seconds or so, which means you can get about 18,000 XP per hour, which is about 9 levels.


The Continued Reinvention of Poker Games

It’s just another day: you wake up, wash your face, brush your teeth, and then get on your phone to go through your social media notifications, scowling in disgust as you notice that one of your friends has sent you yet another game invite to play one of those poker games on Facebook. Why can’t they just take a hint? There’s nothing that could ever get you to play that game, right? If you’re not into poker, you’re just not into poker.

After all, for all its variations, the game is pretty much the same: you play cards and hope to bluff your way to a win, and make some virtual money off of other players online. That’s all there is to it, and it’s not a very compelling game unless that’s what you’re really into.

These past few years, however, we’ve seen some developers take poker and turn it into something completely different, adding in elements of different genres and giving players more reasons to start playing the game. Real-money gambling has helped paved the way for sure, with tournaments on Betfair drawing thousands of players with games that give away €5 million in prizes every month. But the biggest draw new poker games are relying on aren’t quite so much the chance to earn real money, but the chance to play poker as part of a bigger game.

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Age of Ultron Invades ALL THEIR GAMES

In the US, Avengers: Age of Ultron is launching on May 1st. But here in the Philippines, the Age of Ultron party is in full swing. The movie launches today, April 22, 2015. So from now until it premieres in the rest of the world, the Age of Ultron celebration will be at a fever pitch. And this is how Marvel is celebrating.

Ultron will be invading ALL THE CURRENT MARVEL GAMES!

Out of all these games, only Marvel heroes is the only game worth playing, really, but that's another article altogether.

Being a big Marvel Heroes 2015 player myself, I peed my pants with all the leaked details of Ultron's invasion. There will be new costumes for ALL characters who appear in the movie.


They're also going to have an Ultron Event - it's a mission where you completed objective after objective, culminating in a fight against Ultron. And that ultimately means Ultron will be introduced into the Marvel Heroes 2015 game. And that normally means more boss-specific items and drops. YAY MORE GRINDING!

Apart from that, Hawkeye and Black Widow will be given a Quality of Life updates, making their kits a little more competitive. And Scarlet Witch finally got her 52 Review, which is a massive QoL overhaul. 

It's even on Marvel Pinball!

If you wanna celebrate by yourself, check out Abubot's Age of Ultron special merch. They've got AoU shirts, Funko Pop! figures, Iron Man gauntlet flash drives, wall deco lights, and other Avenger-y goodies!

What that said, I still believe Marvel is missing that killer video game. Where is Marvel's Batman: Arkham series? 



Transistor is a game that I never would have tried if not for the perks I get from my PS+ subscription and a recommendation from a friend (Yes, Pao, I mean you). On the last few days that it was free on PS+, a buddy of mine told me about Transistor and how awesome it was supposed to be. And just in nick of time, I was able to snag it up absolutely free.

In Transistor, you play as Red, a talented singer whose voice was taken away. You wield a sword called Transistor that seemingly takes the personalities and memories of people who have passed away and turns them into abilities or Functions. You and your city are being attacked by something called The Process. Who unleashed the Process and what it is, that's for you to find out.

At the most basic level, Transistor is just an isometric-view action game. What sets it apart is the way it's presented and the way the game mechanics work. Let's start off with the presentation and move on to gameplay a little later.

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PS4 SHAREfactory Is Awesome

The one thing I've always frustrated me with the PS3 was the inability to record gameplay or even take screenshots. If you wanted to capture any screenie or footage, you'd have to hook your PS3 up to a capture card, which doesn't capture in HD, if I'm not mistaken. I recall it was due to their harsh anti-piracy tactics. I guess Sony peeps were afraid people would just capture HD video off Blu-rays being played. 

It was something people did not like one bit. In the age of social, where people share practically every little thing, the option to be able to create and publish should be open to everyone. PC users could do it without any issue, and it would be the platform of choice for most livestreamers, Twitchers and YouTubers.

The engineers and designers at Sony listened to us, and gave us exactly what we wanted. Not only did they make it easy to publish and save screenshots, they built editing software directly into the PS4! And I love it!

Enter, the Playstation 4 SHAREfactory!

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