Initial impressions: FTL: Advanced Edition

Last April 3 (4 here), the expansion for 2012's multi-awarded space rogue-like FTL: Faster Than Light dropped for the PC and iPad (iPad 2 and above) and started wrecking lives anew through time dilation (surprise, it's 2AM already!) and general ragequit-inducing RNG fickleness. Called FTL: Advanced Edition (FTL: AE), the expansion features a ton of new content including:

  • a new race in addition to the original seven and their ships
  • new ship layouts
  • new ship weapons, systems and sub-systems, and augmentations
  • new environmental dangers - going to rebel-controlled systems is now more dangerous with the other rebel ships now firing at you
  • new scenarios - and you thought space spiders were bad
  • a new Hard mode for those who find Normal boring already

FTL is still the same at its core: you're in command of a starship that's running from Rebel forces with intel for the Federation fleet which will turn the war to your favor, jumping star systems to get to the next sector, making decisions that seem small but may mean life or death for a crew member (who knew that survivor was a madman?), and hoping the RNG gods smile upon you (oh look, awesome weapon just drifting in space!).

Some highlights:

  • Members of the new race Lanius suck out the air in the room they're in, adding new twists to boarding mechanics. 
  • Hacking allows the user to disrupt the enemy on a per-system basis at the cost of one drone unit. Imagine hacking the enemy ship's helm, reducing their evasion to zero, then doing an alpha strike to all major ship systems. YES.
  • The cloning bay resurrects fallen crew members at the cost of some skill points. Suddenly, space spiders ain't so scary anymore, and boarding raids need more thought, since the cloning bay replaces the med bay.
  • Mind control allows for players to temporarily conscript enemy crew to do their bidding.
  • Emergency batteries now give you that extra juice when you most need it for some time

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Nice One, Gazillion.

On April 1, everyone does some kind of April Fool's joke. Some are more believable than others, while some are just heartbreaking. I actually look forward to checking out the best ones every year because they get crazier and crazier. My favorite one is still IGN's Legend of Zelda movie from five years ago. I think that prank may have been edged out today.

Gazillion, the guys behind my current addiction, Marvel Heroes, put out 5 new playable character announcements as April Fool's jokes. 

Midtown Madhattan Hotdog Vendor
Ego, The Living Planet
Cow Commander Brevik

Out of all those announced, the only one actually viable was Taskmaster. As a Taskmaster fan, I felt that announcement was especially cruel. They were toying with my emotions... MY EMOTIONS!

However, to everyone's surprise and delight, Gazillion actually RELEASED TASKMASTER AS A PLAYABLE CHARACTER! They said "Some April Fool's are too good to leave as a joke..."

And that is just CRAZY! The entire community went BANANAS!

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Tabletop Review: Incredibrawl or Incredibawl?

I got to play the crowdfunded tabletop game Incredibrawl several times over the past two weeks, in different-sized playgroups. Incredibrawl is a comical, fast-paced, card game from Vision 3 Games with 3 game modes (Casual, Family, and Gamer) depending on the kind of playgroup you’re entertaining.


In this game, each player is given an identical deck of cards composed of character cards and power-ups. Characters run the whole gamut from pirates, dragons, evil scientists, and the ever-so-diabolical… kitten! Players simultaneously play characters and “brawl” using a rock-paper-scissors mechanic. Physical character types beat natural types, natural types beat energy types, and energy types beat physical. The power level of each character comes into play whenever a tie happens. During these brawls, players can play power-ups to turn the tides of battle to your side, especially since lady luck is a feeble-minded skank ho.

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12 in 12: Mage Knight: The Boardgame

Hello. My name is DC, and welcome to 12 in 12 where we take one of 12 board games and play the hell out of it for a month (or about a month, technically 3-4 Sundays). Today, for our first review ever, we review Mage Knight: the Boardgame. 

Mage Knight is a thematic boardgame for 1-4 players. The game is designed by Vlaada Chvátil, acclaimed board game and video game designer. Anything this guy makes seem to sell out like hotcakes, as Mage Knight sold out in 20 days after its first release in December of 2011.

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Be The Odinson - Marvel Heroes Thor Build

I don't get a lot of gaming time, and most of it has been spent on Marvel Heroes. I didn't think I'd be this crazy addicted to it. So I figured, might as well geek out about it on GeekOut!. Thor is actually my second hero to level up, but I'll do him first. Cyke, my first level 60, will be next.

This build is based on area attacks and survivability. And playing Thor the way he is in the comics, most of the time. This is more for fun and role playing rather than optimization. It isn't the most powerful or most effective Thor, but this is the Thor that feels most like Thor to me, which makes it fun. For the full sim of the build, click here for Marvel Base.

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