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The PlayStation VR is about to launch in a few days. And what's weighing on the mind of everyone who has pre-ordered a PSVR and those on the fence about buying one is if there will be enough software to support the device. it's always a question of whether there will be enough killer apps on a device before it becomes viable. While I'm not 100% sure about which game will be the game for PSVR, I do know that some developers are putting their bets on PlayStation VR. 

Take, for example, Oasis Games

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CrossFire Stars Invitational: Manila

CrossFire Stars Invitational: Manila

Smilegate and eSports organizing body ESL partnered up to bring the best CrossFire teams all over the world directly to the fans via the CrossFire Starts Invitational series. The first leg just so happens to be right here in Manila, thanks to previous successful eSports events held here.

On October 14-16, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center Hall 3, players from China, Vietnam, Brazil, and hometown heroes, the Philippines, are going to go toe to toe on CrossFire for glory and a chunk of the $30,000 prize pot!

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Is Paladins an Overwatch Clone?

I've been getting hit by ads for Paladins almost everywhere I go. I got curious and looked it up. First thing I noticed is that the character designs are actually quite similar to Overwatch, in both the character archetype and the skills. And then a few days later, Hi-Rez Studios states that Paladins is NOT an Overwatch clone. Because of all of that drama, I decided to give Paladins a try and see it for myself.

According to Hi-Rez studios COO, the game that deserves the most credit for being Paladins' inspiration is TF2. And I agree with that; even Blizzard says the same thing for Overwatch.

But how similarly do they play? 

I'm going to play around with it a bit more to come up with more impressions but here are the key differences I found:

  • Paladins has an item card system that allows for perk customization
  • Paladins has a deeper character customization system by pairing up skins with weapons and headgear (like TF2)
  • Paladins is free to play
  • Overwatch has much faster gameplay
  • Paladins skin and feature unlocking is not random
  • Overwatch has much better lore
  • Paladins shows damage numbers, which I sort of enjoy
  • Maps on Overwatch are a smidge better
  • Paladins starts you off with bots until level 5, which is good, but it doesn't tell you that

Bottomline is, though, both games are fun and they play completely differently. Clone or not, I think Paladins has its own place in the gaming world.


PlayStation VR First Impressions and Thoughts

Last July 28, 2016, PlayStation Asia announced availability and pricing of the PlayStation VR for Asian countries. On July 30, the announced that the PlayStation VR was going to be on display for trial at SM Megamall, at the Sony Store, starting July 31. I immediately made plans to go. I needed to experience VR for the first time, even if I'd be watched by dozens of people.

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Marvel Heroes 2016: Iron Man Lore-Friendly Beam Weave Hybrid Build

Marvel Heroes 2016 is a game I've been playing since launch, though I did quit for a little bit back when Marvel Heroes was still a diamond in the rough. I even wrote a review about it, which I agree was a bit of a knee-jerk reaction from me just because I was disappointed it wasn't as good as Marvel Ultimate Alliance. I was hating on it because of the genre of the game. Eventually, I wrote a revisit review. It's now the one game I don't ever put down for very long, which is weird for me because I was never a fan of MMORPGs. 

To date, I have quite a few level 60 heroes - Black Panther, Cable, Cyclops, Daredevil (main #1), Captain Marvel, Captain America, Iron Fist, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Psylocke, Gambit, Dr. Strange, Moon Knight (main #2), and War Machine. Actually, there might be a couple more I can't remember right now. For today, though, I wanna talk about Iron Man.

Iron Man is one of Marvel's most popular characters. In Marvel Heroes 2016, he's also one of the most expensive. Unfortunately, he isn't up to snuff, especially when compared to the more recently released and reviewed heroes. But I do enjoy using the golden Avenger despite the challenges mainly for the lore more than anything else. If you're anything like me, you'd wanna play Iron Man just like me. Here's my build:

Here it is again on

I'm no min-maxer but I do try my best. Do you have suggestions for my build? Please do let me know in the comments! And then tell me which hero build you'd like to see next!


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