X-Men Destiny: Silicon Knights Behind the Scenes

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When I first caught wind of X-Men Destiny, I spazzed out in an epileptic fit due to too much excitement. It was advertised as a game where a character you create will join the X-Men. I was filled with the hope that the character creation would be as powerful as, maybe, Dragon Age, or at the very least, those WWE games. I was stoked because I could finally put IMPREGNATOR in the X-Men, where he truly belongs.

Little by little, details started to emerge. And to be completely honest, my excitement quickly degenerated into a slimy form of disappointment. The very first video I saw at E3 showed me a generic brawler that didn't even reach InFamous 2 levels of coolness.

You can pick out of three characters - an Asian girl, a Cole Macgrath-look alike, and a jock. So, yeah, two white guys and an Asian girl.

Okay, maybe, I figured, maybe the gameplay will improve because that video was an early build. It hasn't changed a bit. Anyway, check out what Silicon Knights has to say about X-Men Destiny.


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