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My biggest gripe with gaming here in the Philippines is the fact that we were always overlooked when it came to pre-order or mail-in order bonuses. The Gamestop here doesn't offer the same bonuses, and we don't have Best Buy or Walmart. I felt cheated. I was always forced to wait a few months before I can download the DLC, and normally for $15. It just felt unfair - I'm willing to pre-order, to pay good money, but because I'm not from North America or Europe, I don't get anything.

That is until Datablitz started offering the same pre-order bonuses you would get from Amazon, Gamestop and Best Buy!

The pre-order bonus from any Datablitz is the Physical Warfare pack with the Type 88 LMG, flash suppesors, DAO-12 shotgun and flechette rounds and a shirt. Seriously, I would've been fine with just a shirt. On top of that, you get the Back to Karkand expansion map pack, too.

This deal is due to EA and Datablitz's partnership. If you've noticed, most pre-order games are with EA. Now, that excites me terribly because this means the big publishers are paying attention to our little archipelago.

The bonuses, or rather their presence as pre-order bonuses, is raising a lot of questions. However, DICE does maintain that the game will not be unbalanced because of the extra items. I dunno, the flachette round sounds pretty dangerous. And as a fan of Call of Duty's silencer due to suppressed flash, I'd say the flash suppressor is going to be a deal breaker, too.

You may place your order from now until October 24, 2011 at any Datablitz store. Remember to keep your receipt!

Battlefield 3 will be available for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Which platform are you getting it for?


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