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I was never the biggest animé fan, though I've enjoyed some of the shows. However, there are a few shows that intrigue me simply because of the aesthetic and concept. 

I like video games. It's my main jam right now, as I started letting some hobbies go, video gaming is the one I kept because I love it that much.

I also used to collect toys. Like, a lot. I quit about a year ago, but I still do miss it every now and again.

So imagine a thing that combines video games, toy collecting and animé all in one. That thing you're imagining is called New Gundam Breaker.

This is the 4th installment in the Gundam Gunpla series. In this game, you'll be able to mix and match different Gunpla parts. I'm not sure if all the parts are going to affect your skills, your loadout, or your stats, or if it'll be completely cosmetic. I do think the parts you pick would have some gameplay mechanics. 

You're supposed to defeat hostile Gunplas to acquire parts, so it's part looter (which is pretty much what game collecting always felt like).

It will come out for the PlayStation 4. 

For more deets, go to their site.


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