Best Black Friday Deals in Gaming 2017

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Instead of running to the malls and getting trampled, it might be better to just hang out at your house and do your shopping online. With the boom in eCommerce's popularity, it became ridiculously easy to overspend during the Black Friday weekend. And I believe, as gamers, there's no deal we won't take advantage of. So, I've gone ahead and collected some of the best deals for Black Friday that I've found.

Assassin's Creed Origins on steam

This game literally just came out, so the discount isn't huge, only at 17%, but for one of the best reviewed Assassin's Creed that was just recently released, it's a pretty damn good deal.

It goes for as low as Php 1,858.37 or US$36.7. On Ubisoft's site, it also goes for 33% less, at US$40.19. It's not such a hot deal on the US Ubisoft site.

Eidos Anthology on Steam

If you want an INSTANT, MASSIVE game library, then the massive 90% discount is for you. 

It has damn near everything Eidos has ever released on Steam, including Rise of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex Mankind Divided. For Php3,176.27 (US$ 62.80), you get dozens of titles and DLC packages. Best bang for buck right there.

Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition on Origin

I know it's cool to hate on EA right now, and I know Titanfall 2's got its own problems, but if you ever wanted a more fluid, fast-paced, mech-packed shooter, then look no further than Titanfall 2. The movement mechanics are tight, the shooting feels great, and the Titans are awesome to control. It absolutely sucks that this game's community is practically non-existent now. Good thing it's got one of the most innovative FPS campaigns in recent memory. 

It's down by 50% at US$15. Get it and let's play, because GODDAMN IT THERE'S NO ONE ON!

Mass Effect: Andromeda on Origin

Okay, so Mass Effect: Andromeda launched with a lot of criticism. It's been heavily patched, but I would be remiss to say everything is fine and dandy now, because it isn't. It's still buggy, and the facial animations, while improved, are still not fantastic. But Mass Effect: Andromeda is still a good Mass Effect game, which is worth it at its discounted price.

The multiplayer is fun, but a little grindy. There are microtransactions, but with the generosity of the credits you earn in-game won't force you to buy Andromeda Points. Currently, it's going for $19.99 at 50% off.

Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation Store (US)

Game of the Year nominee, Horizon Zero Dawn Digital Deluxe Edition, is now on sale at 50% off, at $24.99.

One of the best gaming experiences of this generation (which, much to my shame, I haven't played yet) is on sale at 50%. The Digital Deluxe edition includes a ton of stuff:

- Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Game
- The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn Digital Art Book
- Exclusive PS4 Theme
- Carja Storm Ranger Outfit and Mighty Bow
- Banuk Trailblazer Outfit and Culling Bow
- Banuk Traveller Pack
- Carja Trader Pack
- Nora Keeper Pack

No, it doesn't include the DLC. But just get that at full price, I'm sure it's worth it. 

Wolfenstein II on Steam

Seemingly the best game no one played, Wolfenstein II is now on sale.


The game's recent reviews are currently mixed because apparently, it hangs quite a bit and some people feel like it's some kind of political agenda. If you can get past those issues, this should be a good buy for you. It's going for Php 1,380 (US$ 27.30) at 50% off.

Overwatch at the Blizzard Store

We're cheating a little bit here, because Overwatch went on sale a few days ahead of Black Friday, but who cares? The Game of the Year edition is now only $29.99!


The massively popular shooter from Blizzard is going for $29.99! If ever your doctor has ever told you that you needed to increase your sodium in take, just play some Overwatch.


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