Marvel Heroes Omega Shutting Down

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Marvel and Disney have terminated their contract, leading to Marvel Heroes Omega shutting down. 

I've clocked in 1300 hours in Marvel Heroes Omega, and it's the one recurring game I play when I want to just chill. I even play it without headphones on. We saw it coming, though, as a community. There weren't enough players, not enough to do, no new events, and with allegations of harassment upon the CEO, we were having bets on when it'd shut down. I had my money on 2018. I guess I was 2 months early.

So with it shutting down, I feel a little sad. And sad on a number of levels. It feels like someone deleted my save file, which sucks. But even more than that, as a community, we were in constant communications with the devs through the forums. TheDink was my favorite person to interact with because he/she designed the character models, and it was always a joy to see her make new ones. It's sad to know their lives are being affected by all of this.


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