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Whether you’re bored or you just need a break from your usual routine, or you want something new that your family and friends can play together, AirConsole is a video game system that requires no equipment, no software, and is completely free to play. Here’s just a sample of the unique browser-based games listed below:

Cyber The Game

If you love classic arcade-style games, Cyber the Game is very similar to Pong. Arcade games are one of the earliest forms of video games, and everyone has a special connection to them in one way or another. There’s a reason for that – Cyber the Game recalls all of those hours you spent in the arcade as a kid. This kind of game is so exciting that you can’t dare miss out. You can play this AirConsole game with either 2 or 4 players. You and your friends can spend hours playing Cyber the Game! People young and old will love the modern take on a classic.

Adequate Bingo

This isn’t grandma’s Bingo. AirConsole’s take on another classic makes for a really entertaining game night everyone can enjoy. Try to imagine Bingo taken up a notch—that is Adequate Bingo. It’s the fast and furious version of the classic game which never ceases to be the center of attention. It’s time to call the entire gang and start marking off numbers as they’re called. To make it even more fun, you can offer prizes to the winners in every round. Adequate Bingo is especially ideal for larger parties, too. The game is good for a maximum of 20 people!


Looking for a new sort of local multiplayer game to play at home or in the office? Then this awesome shooting game is perfect for you. Instead of chasing down other players with missiles or blowing up spaceships, you and the rest of your friends work as a team to complete the pursuit of building an entire shield together. 

The main shield object is built by you and your friends’ ships while shooting out the missiles right into the level’s center. Each bullet which hits the core becomes a part of your mighty shield. If one bullet hits a portion of the shield that someone else has already built, the game starts over again, so watch out! The objective here is to be fast and accurate at the time. The first player that can complete his own circle first holds the victory.

There’s more, too! As the game progresses, it becomes extra challenging as you will have to avoid more shield parts. The best thing about AirShields is that each match is unique—some rounds get crazy and chaotic while some end up surprisingly perfect. With the timing can be a challenging concept, you really can’t help trying again and again. What’s more, this cooperative classic arcade style game has no player limit. Grab as many friends as you want to play!

About AirConsole’s Video Games
When it comes to AirConsole’s variety of video games, we’re talking about a revolutionary gaming experience. AirConsole is an online platform which transforms your browser into a video game console and your smartphones into gamepads. You can play the games above and other exciting games on your SmartTV, desktop computer, or laptop with your family and friends. You don’t need extra hardware when it comes to AirConsole. All you need is one large screen that everyone can share and one smartphone (or tablet) per player.

It’s also super easy to set up and use. In just seconds you can already get a game started. Just go to AirConsole’s home page and follow the simple instructions. From casual gamers to hardcore players, it’s a new system every type of video game player will love and enjoy.

Using AirConsole is completely free of charge, and it’s perfect for exciting group activities. Whether you are at a party at your friend’s house, at a family reunion, or at a children’s birthday celebration, the games listed above and others can be powered by AirConsole to spice up any event. There are a bunch of cooperative games that can be used anywhere you have an internet connection.

They also offer games for any person in any age group. Whether you want a social quiz game, action game, sports game, party game, classic arcade game, card game, or others, the list above plus more is available just for you. New games also go live each week on AirConsole’s platform, and they create new ones all the time. Thus, you will never run out of any video game that is fresh and exciting. Whether you need a two-player game, a four-player game, or a game with an unlimited player limit, simply visit AirConsole’s website for more.


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