MVC3 Introduces Dr. Strange and Nemesis

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While going over a few things online, I noticed a Facebook group I frequent was going apeshit over a couple videos. Turns out, someone posted the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 reveal videos of Dr. Strange, the single character I never thought would be in a fighting game, and Nemesis, someone who fits so well, it's ridiculous he wasn't included earlier. Check these videos out.

Looks like Dr. Strange has got some sneaky offense, which would give Dante a run for his money. His health looks a little lower than Magneto's, which is understandable but also sad. Also, I love it when he says "By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth" right before smashing 6 Eyes of Agamotto into his opponent. That's just boss.

Nemesis plays like a Hulk/Haggar hybrid - slow with high health but packs a wallop. Normal moves take away a ton of damage even though he can't seem to chain that many moves together. I've always felt Hulk was kinda cheap, actually, but that's because I suck and I can never really beat anyone online.

I'm looking forward to learning Dr. Strange up until the point I can be called a mediocre player, which is already a couple steps above "suck ass noob." Ooh, Hawkeye, too. And Iron Fist. GAH, Capcom just add Daredevil and I'll buy copies of this for my friends.


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