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In the US, Avengers: Age of Ultron is launching on May 1st. But here in the Philippines, the Age of Ultron party is in full swing. The movie launches today, April 22, 2015. So from now until it premieres in the rest of the world, the Age of Ultron celebration will be at a fever pitch. And this is how Marvel is celebrating.

Ultron will be invading ALL THE CURRENT MARVEL GAMES!

Out of all these games, only Marvel heroes is the only game worth playing, really, but that's another article altogether.

Being a big Marvel Heroes 2015 player myself, I peed my pants with all the leaked details of Ultron's invasion. There will be new costumes for ALL characters who appear in the movie.


They're also going to have an Ultron Event - it's a mission where you completed objective after objective, culminating in a fight against Ultron. And that ultimately means Ultron will be introduced into the Marvel Heroes 2015 game. And that normally means more boss-specific items and drops. YAY MORE GRINDING!

Apart from that, Hawkeye and Black Widow will be given a Quality of Life updates, making their kits a little more competitive. And Scarlet Witch finally got her 52 Review, which is a massive QoL overhaul. 

It's even on Marvel Pinball!

If you wanna celebrate by yourself, check out Abubot's Age of Ultron special merch. They've got AoU shirts, Funko Pop! figures, Iron Man gauntlet flash drives, wall deco lights, and other Avenger-y goodies!

What that said, I still believe Marvel is missing that killer video game. Where is Marvel's Batman: Arkham series? 


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