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The one thing I've always frustrated me with the PS3 was the inability to record gameplay or even take screenshots. If you wanted to capture any screenie or footage, you'd have to hook your PS3 up to a capture card, which doesn't capture in HD, if I'm not mistaken. I recall it was due to their harsh anti-piracy tactics. I guess Sony peeps were afraid people would just capture HD video off Blu-rays being played. 

It was something people did not like one bit. In the age of social, where people share practically every little thing, the option to be able to create and publish should be open to everyone. PC users could do it without any issue, and it would be the platform of choice for most livestreamers, Twitchers and YouTubers.

The engineers and designers at Sony listened to us, and gave us exactly what we wanted. Not only did they make it easy to publish and save screenshots, they built editing software directly into the PS4! And I love it!

Enter, the Playstation 4 SHAREfactory!

As most of you know, taking a screenshot is as easy as pressing the Share button once. By default, pressing the Share button brings up the menu, but you can easily switch that around in the settings. And as you know, the PS4 records the last 15 minutes of gameplay, whether you like to or not, and saves it to your drive temporarily. If you choose to save it, it stays on your drive indefinitely.

With SHAREfactory, you can take your clips, cut them up, splice them together, and delete the extra ones you don't want. You also have the option of adding in intros, stingers, and title screens. You could also add a voiceover commentary, all while allowing you to adjust both voice volume and game volume. It's pretty much the only app you'd need to record and create walkthroughs and reviews, as well as capture your proudest gaming moments.

To my knowledge, the only thing it can't do is add text titles or .PNG image overlays, color correct, etc. However, if you need to do that, you can save your footage into a flash drive and edit your footage with a full video editing program.

Last night, I decided to blow off some steam after a fairly stressful day at work and ended up getting a few good shots in Battlefield 4. Because the PS4 captured all of it, I decided to splice together some of my kills.

So, I guess you should see me posting more video game footage here on GeekOut. I'll try to take the Playstation Plus free games out for a spin so you could see whether you'd want to download them or not. Keep checking back here at for more badly edited PS4 footage soon!


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