Tabletop Review: Incredibrawl or Incredibawl?

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I got to play the crowdfunded tabletop game Incredibrawl several times over the past two weeks, in different-sized playgroups. Incredibrawl is a comical, fast-paced, card game from Vision 3 Games with 3 game modes (Casual, Family, and Gamer) depending on the kind of playgroup you’re entertaining.


In this game, each player is given an identical deck of cards composed of character cards and power-ups. Characters run the whole gamut from pirates, dragons, evil scientists, and the ever-so-diabolical… kitten! Players simultaneously play characters and “brawl” using a rock-paper-scissors mechanic. Physical character types beat natural types, natural types beat energy types, and energy types beat physical. The power level of each character comes into play whenever a tie happens. During these brawls, players can play power-ups to turn the tides of battle to your side, especially since lady luck is a feeble-minded skank ho.

Brawls take place in a Grassy Meadow at the start of the game, executed by location cards placed in the middle of the brawl. But with locations changing every round, players can find their brawls happening in Urban Sprawls, a Forgotten Library, or a Research Laboratory, each with their own special effects to a brawl’s outcome.

To add to the chaos, characters have effects that activate whenever they are played or whenever you win or lose a brawl. The winner of every brawl gets 1 glory added to their pool, and the first person to reach 10 glory wins.

The mechanics are very simple even at the Gamer mode. This is the kind of good filler game that’s easy to get into and easier to teach. It’s built for 2 to 4 players but I really recommend playing the game as a group of 4 so you can really laugh out loud.


The print quality of the cards are top notch and the game components come in a nice, portable size. Although it would have been better if the box came with dividers to separate the different decks.

The standout quality for this game is the artwork. The aesthetics of the game is so colorful, fun, and creative. It makes the game compelling to play for all kinds of gamers.


TABLE IT if you’re looking for a light filler game to warm up your friends for a game night.

PASS if your friends are already set on playing hardcore games like Summoner Wars, Game of Thrones, or Pathfinder.

This game isn’t available for retail yet but you can already find advance copies of the game in Comic Odyssey Alabang and Comic Odyssey Fort. Advance copies come with 8 kickstarter-exclusive cards that are unique for each deck in the game.


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