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Right up to the launch of Marvel Heroes last June 4, 2013, I was one of those fans who could barely contain their excitement. I thought we were going to get the Ultimate Alliance the Marvel fans really deserved. I struggled past the download, clumsily installed it, and started playing. I picked out Daredevil because he is my favorite comic book character, and after leveling him to 16, I came to the conclusion that Marvel Heroes just wasn't any fun. So I uninstalled it and just about forgot Marvel Heroes.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me about the game and I gave my honest opinion based on my launch experience. And he couldn't believe the shit that was coming out of my mouth. He started looking at me like I just insulted his mother. So I started checking out the forums, and everyone has been saying that post patch, it is practically a different game compared to the one at launch - they changed up a bunch of mechanics, introduced splinters, and enhanced the instances.

Interest re-piqued. Marvel Heroes redownloaded. And since I only had Daredevil to play, I jumped right into it with old Hornhead himself. I noticed that some of his moves got reworked. They worked a little better now but it was still kinda boring to play. (Well, he is getting his Level 52 review and he will be reworked some more so I'm kinda looking forward to that.) Eventually, I thought to myself maybe I'm just using a boring character. 

Decided to plop down $10. Enter Cyclops.

Instantly, the potential of Marvel Heroes was unlocked. I have barely been able to put the game down since I restarted. It's still clicky, and it's still grindy, but just the feeling of achievement and progress is just too goddamn satisfying. So, THIS is what Diablo 2 fans loved.

My Cyclops build is known as the "Glass Canon." It means I built up his offensive capabilities, but I'm sort of ignoring his dodge and defense. I rely on my gear for regen and health. And speaking of gear, I love finding gear! The enemies are still walking treasure boxes but not as ridiculous as it used to be before the first patch. I found a unique called The Legend of Punchclops! Let that sink in for a little while.

When Gazillion said they were going to make a melee build for Cyclops more viable, they weren't kidding.

With my build, I didn't think it would be a good thing to equip. 

I like that I can go through the story at my leisure, and jump into different instances at different difficulties, so that I can play the way I want to play. I like that you can solo the game. It may be unnecessarily more difficult, but it is possible and I like that. But what's important is that it's fun now. Killing Sentinels by blowing off its knees with Cyclops' Channeled Blast is crazy fun!

The costumes are nice, even though them dropping is still incredibly rare. I went ahead and bought Cyclops' Marvel NOW! costume. I love how it looks, especially when I use his Ultimate power with all those tendril optic blasts. And I'm itching to get his All New X-Men costume just for the heck of it. Self control is so hard!

I'm still jonesiing for controller support. Diablo 3's PlayStation port went over smoothly. That proves that Marvel Heroes can also be given controller support. It may be "unpure," but console peasants like me enjoy playing on controllers more than the master race keyboard and mouse. But even without that, I am enjoying the game still.

Last week, I was able to get 175 Eternity Splinters. And instead of farming for a few more hours for more Splinters to be able to pick a hero, I decided to get a Random Hero box. I spent my 175 Eternity Splinters. I got my Random Hero box. I right click and...


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