What I've Been Doing In GTA V... so far.

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Since I got GTA V, which was a little over a week ago, I've been getting less and less sleep because exploring Los Santos is just goddamn amazing. We all know Grand Theft Auto V is just one incredible piece of work; it's of the best reviewed games of the year, catching up with Naughty Dog's The Last of Us if not blowing it out of the water completely. IGN gave it a 10. Metacritic has it at 97, and I think the only reason it isn't 100 is because Metacritic is like that. The Guardian gave it 5 stars. Gamespot gave it a 9.0. Computer and Video Games gave it a 10, as well. T3 gave it 5 stars. If I were to review it, based on my own personal tastes, I'd probably give it a 4.5 out of 5, with the vanishing car in garage bug and having to wait for multiplayer being my main complaints.

Anyway, my Michael, Franklin and Trevor have been having a blast exploring the rich experiences Los Santos has to offer. They've barely scratched the surface of what they can do, and some of the stuff they've done, they couldn't take pictures of. Check out what they've been up to through this series of selfies.

Michael practicing his beautiful eyes move he learned from his Filipina yaya when he was 2 years old.

Michael hit Los Santos customs and pimped out his default ride - matte red finish, turbo tuning, sport brakes, GT chrome mags, big bore exhaust, sport suspension, xenon lights, spoilers, skirts, level 3 EMS upgrade on the engine, and that custom plate. That reads THEBIM, yellow font on black.

It isn't quite Grand Theft Auto if you don't boost any cars, so Franklin's been picking out classic muscle cars to drive around. They're a little more rare than sports car, especially around the richer parts of Los Santos. Finding a nice cherry red one like this was a treat. Driving it right into the side of a semi, after killing a couple obese pedestrians was just gravy.

Look at the deer's eyes. Its life is slowly seeping out of that gaping wound in his chest. LOOK AT THE EYES!

Trevor has gotten good at shooting defenseless animals from really far away with a sniper rifle with an advanced scope. As long as he stays upwind from his prey, he'll be getting that heart shot all day long. That right there was a $100 buck. T took a quick snap shot then defiled the beast.

Dead deer money isn't enough to earn a decent living in Los Santos, so Trev went ahead and stole the contents of an armored car. Turns out, cops don't like that so much so they shot his car up, but I guess the concept of armor on an "armored car" escapes the local Los Santos law enforcement.

Right before jumping off the bridge to his inevitable demise, Michael snapped this shot. I kind of wish Manila traffic was like this all the time.

I like to picture my Jesus as a guy who wears really funky clothes and has weird daddy issues, standing around a crowded pier area.

Meanwhile, Franklin found Jesus near a pier at Vespucci Beach. No, seriously, he was just standing right there. He kept talking about his dad and his 12 friends. Jesus had a lot of deep things to say.

Up north, Trevor got his hands on a legit business. He's been flying that plane out to deliver arms to his many buyers. Sometimes, he just takes it out to fly over restricted air space and get blown out of the sky. He also likes trying to get roadkill with the impressive wingspan. That is not an easy thing to do.

Los Santos is home to a mess of freaks, and Franklin has made friends with one of the resident weirdos. It's some guy who wants to eat brains or something, he couldn't really make out what he was saying. It was all muffled.

Michael found a bit of money and bought himself the Adder, the GTA V version of the Bugatti Veyron. He pimped it out with a nice coat of wine red paint and frost white stripes. Unfortunately, this car vanished from inside Michael's safehouse garage, the one up in Vinewood Hills. Rockstar is aware of the glitch and are working on a patch to stop that from happening. Still, that's a cool $ 1 mil Mike lost. I bet he misses that ride.

To ease his pain, Michael went to his rented garage and picked up his Elegy RH8, which seems to have been inspired by Nissan GT-R and the Toyota FT-86. It was decked out with a matte red coat, and a carbon hood with exhaust. That vanished from his safehouse garage, too.

"Can you believe this guy?!"

While Michael likes his nice cars, Trevor finds happiness by helping random strangers out. Look at this helpless man in pink panties, sitting almost buck ass naked on the back of Trev's bike. It was the day before the dude's wedding, but his bachelor party got out of hand. He ended up tied up to a pole in the middle of nowhere. Trev did his part, got him to his wedding, but only got a crappy car in exchange for his services.

When not helping strangers out, Trev gets his jollies another way - hooker killing. Every GTA player knows exactly what went down here.

Franklin has a different idea of how to endure those cold, lonely nights. He doesn't want to dirty up his car.

Even though Trev is a psychotic, homicidal lunatic, he still has a sensitive side. Okay, that apartment isn't his but I bet whoever owns will find Trevor to be a downright delight. He'll crash here for a while, so they better get used to it.

Here we have Chop. Franklin's been training him with the iFruit app. He's a good boy, but he shits a lot. Frankie loves siccing him on passersby just because he can. You have to be careful when asking him to fetch his ball because he can get run over.

After evading a 3 star wanted level, Trevor isn't too happy about what happened to his formerly tricked out BF Injection buggy. It had a nice matte yellow finish, too. It's all fucked up now. Trev felt really bad about it.

So he took some really hard drugs and ended up naked on the freeway the next morning. That dude, who oddly looks like Jonah Hill, is trying to walk right along, acting all casual but is really freaking out inside.

Vinewood, baby! VINEWOOD!

So, everyone, come join us in Los Santos, the land of opportunity!


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